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Download and run Minecraft from the command line on Apple M1 computers
.package(url: "https://github.com/ezfe/minecraft-jar-command.git", from: "v2.3.2")

Apple M1 Minecraft Launcher

Download and run Minecraft without the Launcher.


This package does not have a visual interface and must be run from the command line. In the future I plan on releasing a version with an interface, however there are technical challenges with this that are not worth the complexity at this time.

  1. Install Homebrew and run brew install ezfe/tap/minecraft-jar-command
  2. Run minecraft-jar-command to launch the game!
  3. You will probably need to login first – to do this, run the login command:
    minecraft-jar-command login <your email> <minecraft password> --save-credentials
    • Your password will not be saved, only your access token - this is how the regular Minecraft launcher logs you in as well
    • If you have any special characters, you may need to put quotes around your email or password. You can do this even if you don't have special characters, to be sure.


  1. You can change the game version - the latest release version will be used by default. Only some versions are available, you can view the complete list here.
    minecraft-jar-command run --version "21w05b-arm64"
  2. To get the latest snapshot version, run it with the --snapshot flag:
    minecraft-jar-command run --snapshot
  3. You can change the game directory and working directory (where the supporting assets are downloaded). Right now, the game directory is set to the default Minecraft directory, and the working directory defaults to a temporary one to prevent interference with the default Minecraft launcher. Refer to minecraft-jar-command help run to see these commands.


I will do my best to release new Minecraft versions quickly - this will happen automatically, no need to do anything to fetch it.

To receive updates about this script and new versions, click "Watch > Custom > Releases" to get notifications.


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Last commit: 3 weeks ago

Release Notes

Latest Snapshot Flag and Default Game Directory
9 weeks ago

This release introduces a --snapshot flag that will use the latest snapshot version instead of the latest release version. It also changes the game directory to properly default to ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft.

If you had games in the other directory, it's printed out when you start the script still and you can copy them over.

I've uploaded a binary for this version, but I recommend using Homebrew: brew install ezfe/tap/minecraft-jar-command

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