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Resources Bridge

Resources Bridge is a tool for sending and requesting files from Mac on iOS devices. Read and write your Mac's files in a sync manner like they are on your iPhone.

⚠️ Currently this project is in early alfa stage and it's a subject for improvements.


  • Swift 5.2
  • iOS 11.0
  • macOS 10.13

Install via Cocoapods

pod 'ResourcesBridge'

How To Use

First of all you need to launch the Monitor app on your Mac. It is used to receive and send files from iOS devices and handle all local file management.

After the Monitor app is launched, you may call one of the following functions on iPhone or iPad:

  • Init Bridge

    let bridge = try ResourcesBridge()
  • Start session and try to connect to Monitor automatically

  • Abort connection and stop session

  • Wait for connection synchronously

    bridge.waitForConnection(checkInterval: TimeInterval = 3)
  • Write resource on Mac

    bridge.writeResourceSynchronously(resource: Data,
                                      at remotePath: String,
                                      progressHandler: ((Double) -> Void)? = nil) throws
    • progressHandler: read / write functions are designed to be synchronous, but you may pass a progress handler that will report progress on other dispatch queue for debug purposes.
    • remotePath is an absolute path to the file on Mac.
  • Read resource from Mac

    The logic is similar to the write func.

    bridge.readResourceSynchronously(at remotePath: String,
                                     progressHandler: ((Double) -> Void)? = nil) throws -> Data


This project is based on Bonjour framework. You can use it for async communication and files transferring between 🍏 devices.




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