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eu-digital-green-certificates/dgc-certlogic-ios 1.3.2
This repository contains the source code of the EU Digital COVID Certificate Certlogic for iOS.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/eu-digital-green-certificates/dgc-certlogic-ios.git", from: "1.3.2")

EU Digital COVID Certificate - Certlogic iOS

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This repository contains the source code of the EU Digital COVID Certificate Certlogic for iOS.

The Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) allows to determine whether a person is deemed fit-for-travel into a country-of-arrival (CoA) based on their vaccination, test, and recovery status. To make such determinations, business (or validation, or verification) rules have to be implemented in verifier and wallet apps.

This module allows integrating the certlogic in iOS apps.

This repository contains a framework to implement in verifier apps (and backends) using a CertLogicEngine. It explains how to do that in a way that makes these rules interchangeable across implementors. The advantage of this approach is that it ultimately allows citizens to check their fit-for-travel status into an intended CoA ahead of travel, against the actual rules.

This can be achieved by adhering to a common, and testable and verifiable way of defining, and executing rules. The interchangeable rules are uploaded to, and can be downloaded from the EU Digital COVID Certificate Gateway (DGCG) - more info can be found here.

An example of a rule can be found here.

This work is a result of work done by the EU Taskforce Business Rules, and described in this document. The (JSON Schema) technical specification for the EU DCC can be found here.



This library automaticaly added in dependencies and downloading by XCode Swift Package Manager

Using Swift Package Manager

if you use Swift Package Manager add the following in dependencies:

    dependencies: [
        url: "https://github.com/eu-digital-green-certificates/dgc-certlogic-ios", from: "1.0.0"

if you want to use CertLogic as XCode project please use script for generate certlogic.xcodeproj and add this project directly



Various code in this repo assumes that you've cloned the following two repos right next to where this repo's cloned:

Testing & Status

  • If you found any problems, please create an Issue.
  • Current status: Work-In-Progress.


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