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package.json workflow for native development with Reason/OCaml.

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This README serves as a development documentation for esy. For user documentation refer to esy.sh documentation site.

Repository structure

  • esy-build-package — source code for esy-build-package command
  • esy — source code for esy core commands
  • esy-install — source code for esy install, esy add and other yarn-based command.
    • esy-install/esy-install — this is a submodule which points to esy/esy-install repo, a fork of yarn.
  • test — unit tests
  • test-e2e — integration tests for esy
  • test-opam — "OPAM top 100 packages" test suite
  • linux-build — Docker based macOS to Linux cross compilation infra


To make changes to esy and test them locally:

% git clone git://github.com/esy/esy.git
% cd esy
% make bootstrap


% make

to see the description of development workflow.

Running Tests

% make test


There are two branches:

  • master — the active development, we cut new versions out of there regularly.
  • 0.0.x — maintainance branch for 0.0.x releases.


Issues are tracked at esy/esy.

Publishing Releases

esy is released on npm.

Because esy is written in OCaml/Reason and compiled into a native executable we need to acquire a set of prebuilt binaries. We employ CI servers (thanks Travis CI) to build platform specific releases.

The release workflow is the following:

  1. Ensure you arre on master branch and run

    % make bump-patch-verson
    % git push && git push --tags

    (this bumps patch version, use bump-minor-version or bump-major-version correspondingly to bump either minor or major version of esy)

  2. Wait till CI finishes its task and uploads releases on GitHub, check https://github.com/esy/esy/releases for them.

  3. Run

    % make release

    Which downloads platform specific releases (which CI uploaded GitHub) and produces an npm releases with needed metadata inside _release directory.

  4. Ensure release inside _release directory is ok.

    You can cd _release && npm pack && npm install -g ./esy-*.tgz to test how release installs and feels.

  5. Run cd _release && npm publish to publish release on npm.

    Release tag next is used to publish preview releases.


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