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A Swift package that compresses full web pages into single archive files that can later be loaded into a WKWebView. It may be used to implement offline reading features.

The main method WebArchiver.achive(...) takes a URL and optionally a list of cookies. The archiver will download the main HTML document and all linked HTML, CSS, JavaScript (optionally) and image resources. All resources are then packed into a single .webarchive file. The archiver parallelizes HTTP requests, but works on a single serial queue to process the responses.

A sample project that demostrates how to combine the WebArchiver with WKWebView can be found here: OfflineWebView


This repository is a Swift Package Manager package. Use Xcode to add it as a dependency. Or simply copy and paste the 3 source files into your project and add Fuzi as a dependency via your package manager of choice.


This package was created because WKWebView (in contrast to the deprecated UIWebView) does not offer a universal way to make arbritary web content available offline. WebKit's own HTTP caching unfortunately does provide enough control for most use cases, and a lot of stuff happens "out-of-process" (see here or here).

But WKWebView can import .webarchive files, which are binary PLIST files following a defined (undocumented) format. Being able to create .webarchive therefore allows apps to save online content to offline reading. Such files can be loaded into the WKWebView via loadFileURL(URL:allowingReadAccessTo:) where URL is a file://... URL.


The archiver will only work well with static content. As soon as a web page needs to dynamically load resources via JavaScript, there is no sane way to archive that page into a single file without virtually replicating the backend. The archiver also doesn't scan JavaScript for statically linked resources. It does scan CSS files for image URLs though.

The archiver is further limited to the common resource types of web pages, i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images. If a web page has statically linked resources of other types (i.e. audio, video, ...) these resources won't be included in the archive. If you need to support such pages, I recommend to fork the repo and extend the archiver to include the required types.


The package uses Fuzi as HTML parser.


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