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erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator 2.3.2
SwiftUICoordinator is a package that seamlessly integrates the Coordinator pattern into the SwiftUI framework.
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
Version 2.3.2
2 weeks ago
## New features ### Custom modal transitions [#32](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/32) Introducing the ability to create custom modal transitions, providing a unique way to `present` and `dismiss` views. ## Changes - Updated example project - Updated docs
Version 2.3.1
2 weeks ago
## Changes - [#31](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/31) `makeNavigationDelegate` method returns non-optional `NavigationControllerDelegateProxy`. - [#30](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/30) Updated and improved code docs.
Version 2.3.0
3 weeks ago
## New features ### Coordinator [#24](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/24) Separated coordinator deep link handling into the `CoordinatorDeepLinkHandling` protocol. ### Transitionable [#25](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/25) Refactored the `Transition` protocol. Introduced a `TransitionProvider` class that holds an array of transitions, ensuring they are retained in memory as long as needed. ### NavigationControllerDelegateProxy [#26](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/26) Decoupled `UINavigationControllerDelegate` from `NavigationController` into the `NavigationControllerDelegateProxy` object. ### Logger [#28](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/28) Refactored coordinator log categories: `deep_link` & `coordinator` into `DeepLink` & `Coordinator` ## Changes - Added SwiftLint rules - Added new unit tests - Updated docs **Full changelog: https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/compare/2.2.0...2.3.0**
Version 2.2.0
7 weeks ago
## New features ### RootCoordinator [#23](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/23) Added `RootCoordinator` class which serves as the top-level coordinator in the application's coordinator hierarchy. It initializes the main window and navigation controller, manages child coordinators, and registers transitions. ### WeakCoordinator & WeakTransition [#23](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/23) Use weak reference objects when storing child coordinators and transitions into a collection to avoid runtime errors such as dangling pointers. ## Changes - Improved Example project (`AppCoordinator`, `DependencyContainer`, `CoordinatorFactory`,...) - Updated docs - Updated unit tests **Full changelog: https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/compare/2.1.1...2.2.0**
Version 2.1.1
9 weeks ago
## New features ### NavigationController - [#22](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/22) Add the `isNavigationBarHidden` parameter to the `NavigationController` initializer that indicates whether the navigation bar should be hidden on the created instance. ## Changes - Updated code docs - New unit tests **Full changelog: https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/compare/2.1.0...2.1.1**
Version 2.1.0
9 weeks ago
## New features ### NavigationRoute [#19](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/19) - Added `attachCoordinator` property ```Swift /// A property that indicates whether the Coordinator should be attached to the View as an EnvironmentObject. var attachCoordinator: Bool { get } ``` [#18](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/18) - Added `appearance` property ```Swift /// A property that provides the info about the appearance and styling of a route in the navigation system. var appearance: RouteAppearance? { get } ``` ### DeepLinkHandling [#17](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/17) - Added `DeepLinkHandling` protocol - Added `func handle(_ deepLink: DeepLink, with params: [String: String])` to the `Coordinator` ## Changes - Updated code documentation [#20](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/20) - Improved logging [#20](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/20) - New unit tests - Minor changes [#16](https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/pull/16) - Updated Readme **Full changelog: https://github.com/erikdrobne/SwiftUICoordinator/compare/2.0.0...2.1.0**
Version 2.0.0
18 weeks ago
## New features - Added `CoordinatorAction` type which should define all the available actions for the coordinator. - There are two basic actions for either canceling or finishing the flow: ```Swift /// Essential actions. public enum Action: CoordinatorAction { case done(Any) case cancel(Any) } ``` - Added `func handle(_ action: CoordinatorAction)` to the `Coordinator` protocol. It takes an action parameter and handles the specific `CoordinatorAction`. - Added `func remove(coordinator: Coordinator)` to the `Coordinator` protocol with the default implementation. It takes a `Coordinator` as a parameter and removes it from the child's list. ## Changes - Removed `func navigate(to route: NavigationRoute)` from the `Coordinator` protocol. - Removed `func finish()` from the `Coordinator` protocol. - `Coordinator` is not conforming to `NSObject` anymore. - Updated documentation. - Updated unit tests.
Version 1.3.0
25 weeks ago
Changes: - Added support for custom view transitions ✨ - Improved error handling - Added unit tests - Updated Readme
Version 1.2.1
29 weeks ago
- Updated Example project - Updated Readme
Version 1.2.0
30 weeks ago
- Added `NavigatorError` that defines possible navigation errors that might happen. - The `start()` and `show(route: Route)` methods are now throwing, enabling improved error handling.
erikdrobne/CameraButton 2.0.0
A simple camera button that can be used for photo and video capturing.
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🕓 50 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
50 weeks ago
- Add SwiftUI support - Update documentation
1 year ago
- Add Example project
1 year ago
- Minor code improvements
First release
1 year ago

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