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A wrapper class for easily working with CocoaAsync
.package(url: "https://github.com/ericboxer/BoxNetworking.git", from: "2.0.1")


Wrapper classes for the wonder CocoaAsyncSocket Framework to make life easier.


Swift Package Manager

Include https://github.com/ericboxer/BoxNetworking.git using the master branch.


Copy the files to your project I guess?



The communications classes are broken up by their function. By themselves they don't really do much except handle the netowrk traffic. It is up to you provided a delegate class for handling data.


UDP classes are broken up into Senders and Listeners. They do pretty much what it sounds like- the sender class sends messages and the listener class listens for messages.

import BoxNetworking

// iSendMessages is a Sender class to a host at 
// Outgoing messages should be sent on port 6543
var iSendMessages = UPDSender(toIP "", toPort: 6789, usingPort:6543)

// Send a String to the given host
iSendMessages.sendSgtring(message:"Hello World!")

// Send a string to a different host (because we can)
sendString(message: "Hello to you too!", toHost:String = "", port:UInt16 = 54545)


TCP is broken into into Clients and Servers. Again they works pretty much as expected.

import BoxNetworking

// iAmAClient is a Client Class to a server at Connection is automatic.
var iAmAClient = TCPCLient(toIP: "", toPort: 6789, usingPort: 54545)

// Send "Hello World" to the client
iAmACLient.sendString(message: "Hello World", tag: 1)

// Close the connection


Both types of socket wrappers allow for a delegate class that handles logging

// Create a class that conforls to the BNLoggingDelegate Protocol
class LogHandler:BNLoggingDelegate {
    func log(logMessage:String, logLevel:BNLogLevels) {
        print("\(logLevel):: \(logMessage)")

// Assign LogHandler to iSendMessages class. Set its log level to DEBUG
iSendMessages.setLogLevel(to: BNLogLevels.DEBUG)

// Send a message with an optional tag for tracking
iSendMessages.sendString("Hello World", tag:1)

// Console: Data with tag 1 sent

Dont Forget

App Sandboxing

appSandboxing This one gets me every. Single. Time. If you're having trouble with packets not sending ro being recevied be sure to double check your capabilities / entitlemnets (Sandboxing) for network data both incoming AND outgoing data.


  • Does CocoaAsyncSockets really need a wrapper?

    Nope! But this makes it easer for me to use if without having the reconfigure everything every time I start a new project.
  • Why use this if Apple has provided its own socket implimentation?

    I've had challanged with the framekworks selecting when they will and wont listen to incoming data. I at least know this works exactly as I expect it to.


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