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It's all about shipping 🛳 - 2017-08-03 18:36:56


  1. You have Git on your computer
  2. GitSync does not initialize repos yet. So use a pre-existing repo on your computer
  3. Right click in the tree-menu to add remove projects
  4. There is a bug in main where there has to be a change in the repo in order to see commits. (Just make a new commit, after that it works)
  5. Once you get things running it actually works pretty well. For now it's great for "cowboy projects" or jekyll blogs that you host on github etc

NOTE: if the app crashes, look in the crash report what went wrong NOTE: I will work on fixing bugs and adding features as we go. Trying different UX experiments to make it magical. Suggestions or feature requests are welcomed. Use issues here on github. Thanks for your support

I will reconvene tomorrow with a few fixes 👍

Running the app requires:

MacOS Sierra has stricter security than before. To bring back running apps from unidentified developers simply write sudo spctl --master-disable in terminal and hit enter, as per: http://osxdaily.com/2016/09/27/allow-apps-from-anywhere-macos-gatekeeper/ Or you can build from source your self and GateKeeper won't complain.