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ensan-hcl/SwiftEasyMarkup v0.3.0
A markup DSL created in Swift for SwiftUI.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/ensan-hcl/SwiftEasyMarkup.git", from: "v0.3.0")


A markup DSL created in Swift for SwiftUI.

SwiftEasyMarkup version: 0.3.0

Swift version: 5.5


SwiftEasyMarkup can handle styles in a way which is similar to Markdown format.

  • Clear syntax powered by operators and string interpolations
  • Links, Italic, Bold, and Code
  • Headers, Quote block, tabbed block, and Code block with syntax highlight
  • Condition-dependent text with if and switch statements
  • Design injection with SwiftUI like .fooStyle(.style) syntax
Markup(alignment: .leading) {
    -"Header"                                                                 // h1
    "This is normal text."                                                    // p
    --"Header2"                                                               // h2
    "\(*"italic"), \(**"bold"), \(***"bold italic"), and \(</>"code")."       // styles
    **"This is bold text."                                                    // b
    ---"Header \(*"3")"                                                       // h3 and partial italic
    >"Quote here"                                                             // quote
    // code block with syntax highlight
    // Convert number into Japnaese Kansuji
    let formatter = NumberFormatter()
    formatter.numberStyle = .spellOut
    formatter.locale = .init(identifier: "ja-JP")
    let number = 123456789012345678
    if let string = formatter.string(from: NSNumber(value: number)){
        print(string)   //十二京三千四百五十六兆七千八百九十億千二百三十四万五千六百七十八
    let appleLink = "https://www.apple.com/"                                  // declare constants
    |"Let's see \("Apple.com" ~~ appleLink)"                                  // link and tab
    if isOK {                                                                 // if handling
        ***"You can use if statements"
        if #available(iOS 15, *) {
            "You can also use #available checking"
    } else {
        ***"Else can be used"


SwiftEasyMarkup uses result builders to achieve declarative markup, and using operators to support markdown like syntax. It also uses custom StringInterpolation to support partial styling.

It now depends on SwiftUI and some new features on iOS14/macOS11/watchOS7/tvOS14. Therefore it requires these environments. Using some features also requiers iOS15/macOS12/watchOS8/tvOS15.


SwiftEasyMarkup is now working in progress. It requires:

  • Add more supports of syntax highlights
  • Add support for environments where SwiftUI cannot be used


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Last commit: 33 weeks ago
jonrohan Something's broken? Yell at me @ptrpavlik. Praise and feedback (and money) is also welcome.

Release Notes

SwiftEasyMarkup 0.3.0
34 weeks ago

SwiftMarkUp is now renamed into SwiftEasyMarkup, and enable design injection. Also tab bug was fixed with #15 .

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