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enebin/Aespa 0.4.2
From camera to album, in just 2 lines
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.package(url: "https://github.com/enebin/Aespa.git", from: "0.4.2")

Swift Package Manager compatible Aespa. Ready-to-go package for easy and intuitive camera handling

From camera to album. In just 2 lines.

let aespaOption = AespaOption(albumName: "YOUR_ALBUM_NAME")
let aespaSession = Aespa.session(with: aespaOption)
// Done!

Quick link

  • Demo app & usage example can be found in here
  • Latest API documentation can be found in here


Introduction Aespa is a robust and intuitive Swift package for video capturing, built with a focus on the ease of setting up and usage.

It is designed to be easy to use from beginners to intermediate developers. If you're new to video recording on iOS or if you're looking to simplify your existing camera setup, Aespa could be the perfect fit for your project.


Aespa is a robust and intuitive Swift package for video capturing, built with a focus on the ease of setting up and usage.

It is designed to be easy to use from beginners to intermediate developers. If you're new to video recording on iOS or if you're looking to simplify your existing camera setup, Aespa could be the perfect fit for your project.

✅ Super easy to use

Zip the boring configuration routine


graph LR
User --> RP["Permission Request"]
RP -- "Granted" --> AS["AVCaptureSession"]
AS -- "Connect" --> AI["AVCaptureVideoInput"]
AS -- "Connect" --> AIA["AVCaptureAudioInput"]
AS -- "Add" --> FO["AVCaptureFileOutput"]
FO --> PHCollectionListChangeRequest


graph LR
   User --"AespaOption"--> Aespa --"Aespa.configure()"--> Session
  • Aespa provides an accessible API that abstracts the complexity of AVFoundation, allowing you to manage video capturing tasks with ease.
Offer essential preset configuration & customization
graph TD
AS --> RV["Recording a new video"]
AS --> Se["Change zoom, video quailty, camera position, ..."]
AS --> AV["Set options like stabilization, orientation ,..."]
AS --> D["Fetching asset files"]
  • With Aespa, you can readily adjust a variety of settings.
  • For a higher degree of customization, it also supports the creation of custom tunings for the recording session, offering flexible control over your recording needs.
Comprehensive error handling
  • The package provides comprehensive error handling, allowing you to build robust applications with minimal effort.

✅ No more delegate

Combine support
graph LR;
    A[Session update] -->|Trigger| B[previewLayerPublisher, ...]
    B -->|React to Changes| C[Subscribers]

		E[Background Thread] --Async--> F["Configure session"] --Finish--> A
  • Aespa's API leverages Swift's latest concurrency model to provide asynchronous functions, ensuring smooth and efficient execution of tasks.
  • Additionally, it is built with Combine in mind, enabling you to handle updates such as video output and preview layer reactively using publishers and subscribers.

✅ Also

  • Automated system permission management.
  • Seamless image and video capture within a single preview session.
  • Thread-safe.
  • Support SPM.



You can access our official documentation for the most comprehensive and up-to-date explanations in here


One of our main feature, InteractivePreview provides a comprehensive and intuitive way for users to interact directly with the camera preview.

Features Description
Double tap to change camera Switches between the front and back camera upon double tapping.
Pinch zoom Allows zooming in or out on the preview by using a pinch gesture.

More manual options

Common Description
zoom Modifies the zoom factor.
position Changes the camera position.
orientation Modifies the orientation.
focus Alters the autofocusing mode.
quality Adjusts the video quality preset for the recording session.
doctor Checks if essential conditions to start recording are satisfied.
previewLayerPublisher Responsible for emitting updates to the preview layer.
Video Description
startRecording Initiates the recording of a video session.
stopRecording Terminates the current video recording session and attempts to save the video file.
mute Mutes the audio input.
unmute Restores the audio input.
stabilization Alters the stabilization mode.
torch Adjusts the torch mode and level.
customize Customizes the session with a specific tuning configuration.
fetchVideoFiles Fetches a list of recorded video files.
videoFilePublisher Emits a Result object containing a latest video file data.
Photo Description
capturePhoto Capture a photo and returns a result image file.
flashMode Sets the flash mode for the photo capture session.
redEyeReduction Enables or disables red-eye reduction for the photo capture session.
customize Customizes the photo capture session with a specific AVCapturePhotoSettings.
fetchPhotoFiles Fetches a list of captured photos files.
photoFilePublisher Emits a Result object containing a latest image file data.


Swift Package Manager (SPM)

Follow these steps to install Aespa using SPM:

  1. From within Xcode 13 or later, choose File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency.
  2. At the next screen, enter the URL for the Aespa repository in the search bar then click Next.
  1. For the Version rule, select Up to Next Minor and specify the current Aespa version then click Next.
  2. On the final screen, select the Aespa library and then click Finish.

Aespa should now be integrated into your project 🚀.



We offer an extensively detailed and ready-to-use code base for a SwiftUI app that showcases most of the package's features. You can access it here, the demo app.


  • Swift 5.5+
  • iOS 14.0+

Getting started

import Aespa

let aespaOption = AespaOption(albumName: "YOUR_ALBUM_NAME")
// If you don't need album add this line
// aespaOption.asset.synchronizeWithLocalAlbum = false
let aespaSession = Aespa.session(with: aespaOption)

Implementation Exapmles


// Common setting
    .focus(mode: .continuousAutoFocus)
    .orientation(to: .portrait)
    .quality(to: .high)

// Photo-only setting
    .flashMode(to: .on)
    .redEyeReduction(enabled: true)

// Video-only setting
    .stabilization(mode: .auto)         

Recording & Capture

// Start recording
// Later... stop recording

// Capture photo

Get result

aespaSession.stopRecording { result in
    switch result {
    case .success(let file):
        print(file.path) // file://some/path
    case .failure(let error):

// or... 
aespaSession.fetchVideoFiles(limit: 1)

// or you can use publisher
aespaSession.videoFilePublisher.sink { result in ... }

SwiftUI Integration

Aespa also provides a super-easy way to integrate video capture functionality into SwiftUI applications. AespaSession includes a helper method to create a SwiftUI UIViewRepresentable that provides a preview of the video capture.

Example usage

import Aespa
import SwiftUI

struct VideoContentView: View {
    @StateObject private var viewModel = VideoContentViewModel()
    var body: some View {
        ZStack {
                .frame(minWidth: 0,
                       maxWidth: .infinity,
                       minHeight: 0,
                       maxHeight: .infinity)

class VideoContentViewModel: ObservableObject {
    let aespaSession: AespaSession
    var preview: some View {
    init() {
        let option = AespaOption(albumName: "Aespa-Demo")
        self.aespaSession = Aespa.session(with: option)
            .autofocusing(mode: .continuousAutoFocus)
            .orientation(to: .portrait)
            .quality(to: .high)

        // Other settings...


In UIKit, you can access the preview through the previewLayer property of AespaSession. For more details, refer to the AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer in the official Apple documentation.


Contributions to Aespa are warmly welcomed. Please feel free to submit a pull request or create an issue if you find a bug or have a feature request.


Aespa is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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Release Notes

5 days ago

0.4.2 is released! 🚀

  • Add #26
  • Fix #24

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