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emvakar/EKNetworking 1.2.6
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iOS macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/emvakar/EKNetworking.git", from: "1.2.6")

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Swift Package Manager

    .package(url: "https://github.com/emvakar/EKNetworking.git", from: "1.2.3")


File: NetworkRequestProvider.swift

import UIKit
import EKNetworking

// Creating NetworkRequestProvider

final class NetworkRequestProvider {

    /// Maybe your own implementation class, subcalssing from EKNetworkRequestWrapperProtocol or use default impl EKNetworkRequestWrapper()
    let networkWrapper: EKNetworkRequestWrapperProtocol = EKNetworkRequestWrapper()
    /// Your own implementation for token refreshing, subcalssing from EKNetworkTokenRefresherProtocol
    let tokenRefresher: EKNetworkTokenRefresherProtocol? = nil
    /// pass your account manager based on EKAccountWriteProtocol
    let accountWrite: EKAccountWriteProtocol
    /// pass your account manager based on EKAccountReadProtocol
    let accountRead: EKAccountReadProtocol
    init(networkWrapper: EKNetworkRequestWrapperProtocol = EKNetworkRequestWrapper(logging: logger), tokenRefresher: NetworkTokenRefresherProtocol? = nil, accountWrite: AccountWriteProtocol, accountRead: AccountReadProtocol) {
        self.networkWrapper = networkWrapper
        self.tokenRefresher = tokenRefresher
        self.accountWrite = accountWrite
        self.accountRead = accountRead


File: ExampleRequest.swift

import EKNetworking

// Our request target ApiRequestGetTodosFeed
struct ApiRequestGetTodosFeed: EKNetworkRequest {

    let page: Int
    let per: Int
    var path: String { "/api/v1/posts" }

    var method: EKRequestHTTPMethod { .get }

    var urlParameters: [String : Any]? {
        return ["per": per, "page": page]

    /* of course you can pass bodyParameters: [String : Any]?
    var bodyParameters: [String : Any]? {
        return ["per": per, "page": page]
    // All passed params you can see at EKNetworkRequest.swift

// NetworkTodoProtocol for extension

protocol NetworkTodoProtocol {
    func todosTimeline(page: Int, perPage: Int, completion: ((_ posts: [TodoModel]?, _ error: EKNetworkError?) -> Void)?)

extension NetworkRequestProvider: NetworkTodoProtocol {

    func todosTimeline(page: Int, perPage: Int, completion: ((_ posts: [TodoModel]?, _ error: EKNetworkError?) -> Void)?) {
        let request = ApiRequestGetTodosFeed(page: page, per: perPage)
        runRequest(request, progressResult: nil) { [weak self] statusCode, response, error in
            // do somthing with response
            // response is EKResponse aka 
            // Represents a response to a `MoyaProvider.request`.
            // final class Response: CustomDebugStringConvertible, Equatable


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Release Notes

Release 1.2.5
1 week ago

Version 1.2.5

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/emvakar/EKNetworking/compare/1.2.3...1.2.5

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