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MQTT v3.1.1 client library for iOS/macOS/tvOS written with Swift 5


Build with Xcode 11.1 / Swift 5.1



Install using CocoaPods by adding this line to your Podfile:

use_frameworks! # Add this if you are targeting iOS 8+ or using Swift
pod 'CocoaMQTT'  

Then, run the following command:

$ pod install


Install using Carthage by adding the following lines to your Cartfile:

github "emqx/CocoaMQTT" "master"

Then, run the following command:

$ carthage update --platform iOS,macOS,tvOS

Last if you're building for OS X:

  • On your application targets “General” settings tab, in the "Embedded Binaries" section, drag and drop CocoaMQTT.framework from the Carthage/Build/Mac folder on disk.

If you're building for iOS, tvOS:

  • On your application targets “General” settings tab, in the "Linked Frameworks and Libraries" section, drag and drop each framework you want to use from the Carthage/Build folder on disk.

  • On your application targets "Build Phases" settings tab, click the "+" icon and choose "New Run Script Phase". Create a Run Script with the following contents:

    /usr/local/bin/carthage copy-frameworks
  • and add the paths to the frameworks you want to use under "Input Files", e.g.:



Create a client to connect MQTT broker:

let clientID = "CocoaMQTT-" + String(ProcessInfo().processIdentifier)
let mqtt = CocoaMQTT(clientID: clientID, host: "localhost", port: 1883)
mqtt.username = "test"
mqtt.password = "public"
mqtt.willMessage = CocoaMQTTWill(topic: "/will", message: "dieout")
mqtt.keepAlive = 60
mqtt.delegate = self

Now you can use closures instead of CocoaMQTTDelegate:

mqtt.didReceiveMessage = { mqtt, message, id in
	print("Message received in topic \(message.topic) with payload \(message.string!)")           

SSL Secure

One-way certification

No certificate is required locally. If you want to trust all untrust CA certificates, you can do this:

mqtt.allowUntrustCACertificate = true

Two-way certification

Need a .p12 file which is generated by a public key file and a private key file. You can generate the p12 file in the terminal:

openssl pkcs12 -export -clcerts -in client-cert.pem -inkey client-key.pem -out client.p12

MQTT over Websocket

In the 1.3.0, The CocoaMQTT has supported to connect to MQTT Broker by Websocket.

If you integrated by CocoaPods, you need to modify you Podfile like the followings and execute pod install again:


target 'Example' do
    pod 'CocoaMQTT/WebSockets', '1.3.0-rc.2'

Then, Create a MQTT instance over Websocket:

let websocket = CocoaMQTTWebSocket(uri: "/mqtt")
let mqtt = CocoaMQTT(clientID: clientID, host: host, port: 8083, socket: websocket)

// ...

_ = mqtt.connect()

If you want to add additional custom header to the connection, you can use the following:

let websocket = CocoaMQTTWebSocket(uri: "/mqtt")
websocket.headers = [
            "x-api-key": "value"
        websocket.enableSSL = true

let mqtt = CocoaMQTT(clientID: clientID, host: host, port: 8083, socket: websocket)

// ...

_ = mqtt.connect()

Example App

You can follow the Example App to learn how to use it. But we need to make the Example App works fisrt:

$ cd Examples

$ pod install

Then, open the Example.xcworkspace/ by Xcode and start it!


These third-party functions are used:


MIT License (see LICENSE)






Stars: 1099



- 2019-08-06T12:42:56


  • Exponential Auto-Reconnect (#287 #290)

Bug fixes:

  • Remove assert lines (#259)

- 2019-06-19T15:41:02

  • Add closure parameter to didReceiveTrust (#280)
  • Fix message re-deliver loop forever (#278 )

- 2019-06-14T13:45:00

Bug fixes:

  • Make publishing process safe

- 2019-05-19T08:23:51

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the SUBSCRIBE packet assembly error (#261)

1.2.0 - 2019-05-02T17:17:28

The CocoaMQTT v1.2.0 is available now!


  • Support swift5 & Xcode 10.2
  • Support to subscribe multiple topics at once
  • Support to re-delivery the un-acknowledgment messages


  • Introduced the CocoaMQTTTimer (#246), which means the Timer doesn't block the dispatchQueue now
  • Change the Frame datatype to be a struct
  • Fix the memory leak in the message publish functions
  • Fix setting the dup/retained/qos flag error
  • More testcases

- 2018-10-13T17:27:21

Update to Swift4.2

  • Remove SwiftyTimer dependency (#228)
  • Clean silos when re-established the connection (#221)
  • Fix known bugs: Force unwrap, retained cycle

Shipping 1.1.0 - 2018-01-14T09:57:21

🎉 Swift 4 is comming!

  • Support swift4 & Xcode 9.x (Thanks @manucheri 's PR https://github.com/emqtt/CocoaMQTT/pull/173)
  • Add connection state callback function (#160)
  • Clean & Ignore unnecessary/temp files
  • Improve log format of Example project

- 2017-12-28T02:38:40

For Swift 3 & Xcode8 version

  • Fixed memory leak at CocoaMQTTReader (#169, #168)
  • Improve a little Example project

1.0.19 - 2017-07-25T08:07:06

  • feat(buffer): let buffer timeout/silosMaxNumber can be configured (#154)
  • refactor: delete CocoaMQTTDelegate func mqtt(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT, didConnect host: String, port: Int)

1.0.18 - 2017-06-30T10:56:47

  • dispatch timers on main queue (#151)
  • (fix): make CocoaMQTTFrameBuffer thread safe (#141)

1.0.17 - 2017-06-01T06:18:06

  • add usage of secure connection in README.md(#143)
  • can allow trust a untrust CA certificate

1.0.16 - 2017-04-27T03:26:32

  • add simple unit tests
  • let Example Podfile directly reference local repo
  • change the way maintain CocoaMQTT.socket (see #140)

1.0.15 - 2017-04-21T06:52:46

  • Support tvOS(#129)
  • Update README.md
  • Add feature: auto reconnect.(#121)
  • Add feature: flow control for publishing messages(#139)

1.0.14 - 2017-04-14T01:55:50

  • Fix a unpack bug.(#138)

1.0.13 - 2017-04-13T06:03:53

  • Let log have levels. (#135)

1.0.12 - 2017-04-11T07:51:03

  • Adding publish complete delegate func
  • Let objective-c see enum
  • Make mqtt.subscriptions work.(#119 #85)
  • Make possible using custom DispatchQueue
  • Fix a crash. Can tolerate rescived publish message formatting errors.(#125)

1.0.11 - 2016-11-22T03:09:06

1.0.10 - 2016-10-10T01:17:24

Convert to Swift 3.0.

1.0.9 - 2016-09-07T06:00:10

  • Remove published qos2 messages from cache if ReceivePubComp(#89).
  • Change retained in CocoaMQTTMessage.swift to public (#90).

1.0.8 - 2016-09-02T07:52:13

  • Fix frameReady() Causes Crash (#74).
  • Fix msg_id > UInt16.max Causes Crash(#79).
  • Pod dependency CocoaAsyncSocket updated to the version 7.5.0: Better IPv6 support(#86).

1.0.7 - 2016-05-26T13:29:16

  • Fix delegate timing issue when using SSL(#71)
  • Carthage readme fix

1.0.6 - 2016-04-25T09:23:30

1.add Podfile.lock 2.fix carthage update --platform iOS error:The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock. Run 'pod install' or update your CocoaPods installation.

CocoaPod dependency - 2016-04-13T06:23:01

CocoaPod dependency setting

1.0.4 - 2016-03-12T04:30:51

Carthage support

1.0.3 - 2016-03-11T14:25:00

1.0.1 - 2016-03-11T12:04:34

1.retain -> retained 2.didPublishAck 3.support backgroundOnSocket 4.some fix 5.del enableBackgroundingOnSocket

CocoaMQTT 1.0.0 - 2015-12-16T02:52:02

universal swift framework, support CocoaPods.

CocoaMQTT 1.0-beta - 2015-09-21T07:22:54

The first public release

Support MQTT v3.1.1 protocol

Build with XCode 7 and Swift 2