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elixxirio/Elixxir-dApps-SDK-Swift v1.0.0
This repo is a mirror of https://git.xx.network/elixxir/elixxir-dapps-sdk-swift.
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iOS macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/elixxirio/Elixxir-dApps-SDK-Swift.git", from: "v1.0.0")

Elixxir dApps Swift SDK

Swift 5.7 platform iOS, macOS

📖 Documentation

📱 Examples

Check out included examples.

🛠 Development

Open Package.swift in Xcode (≥14).

Project structure

elixxir-dapps-sdk-swift [Swift Package]
 ├─ XXClient [Library]
 └─ XXMessengerClient [Library]

Build schemes

  • Use exlixxir-dapps-sdk-swift-Package scheme to build and test the package.
  • Use other schemes (like XXClient) for building and testing individual libraries in isolation.


The package uses Bindings.xcframework dependency, built from go client repository. Use build-bindings.sh script to update the framework. Information about currently used version is contained in Frameworks/Bindings.txt file.

📄 License

Copyright © 2022 xx network SEZC



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