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A grab-bag of iOS/macOS application utilities.

These are mostly classes derived from UIApplication/NSApplication, or extensions on them.

If possible I prefer to have libraries that are more focussed on a specific task, but sometimes you just need a place to park some helpful general-purpose classes: right now, this is that place.


I'm not being strict about semantic versioning at this point; the library is too new, and things are changing too fast.

Right now, even minor updates may break the API, and I may even move classes into more specific libraries.

If this becomes a problem for you, please post an issue on Github, and I'll know that someone cares, at which point I'll try to take the versioning a little more seriously.


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2.1.1 -

Require newer Logger.

2.1 -

Added load/save/restore state to scene. Added state restoring when coming back to foreground.

2.0.0 -

Switched to a more asynchronous startup process. Added asynchronous loadState() and saveState() methods to both application and scene. The setup() method is called asynchronously to set up the app state, and has a completion handler that it calls when it is done. By default it calls loadState() on the app, then the completion. Other things can call afterSetup to perform tasks on the app once setup is completed. The loadScene() method is called asynchronously to set up scene state, and also has a completion handler. The scene window is created by makeScene, which is called when both the scene and app state setup has completed.

1.1.1 -

Updated dependencies.

1.1 -

Split various components into separate packages.

1.0.8 -

Only install settings defaults if the bundle is present.

1.0.7 -

Improved version info for Bundle.

1.0.6 -

Use Logger 1.5.2.

1.0.5 -

Added tearDown method, called before termination. Renamed setup method as setUp.

1.0.4 -

Added Image abstraction.

1.0.3 -

Added tvOS. Added BundleInfo. Added standard setup process and bundle info to BasicApplication.

1.0.1 -

Added bundle resource file helpers.