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Models, UI and other neat stuff for Swift apps. Supports Swift 5, Xcode 10.2 and above.


Money & Currency

A Money is an struct that represents an amount and an associated currency. Amounts either represent a real value (e.g. -$1927.10, ¥10, £1.56, 0.00kr.) or are unavailable (e.g. have no numerical value).

Swift example

let NZD = CurrencyManager.shared.get(code: "NZD")!
var m = Money(decimal: Decimal(40192.49), currency: NZD)
m += Money(float: 5.0, currency: NZD)           // m is now 40197.49
let f = MoneyFormatter(currency: NZD)
let s = f.format(m)                             // s is now "$40,197.49"



Extensions to Swift's String struct to provide easier and safer access to substrings (at the expense of performance). Easier - no String.Index manipulation is required, indexes are specified using Int's. Safer - all bounds checking is performed before string manipulation, and therefore no possibility of generating an uncatchable fatal error can occur.

Swift example

let msg = "My dog has fleas"
let c: Character = msg[1]!                      // c is now "y"
var s: String = msg[4...]                       // s is now "og has fleas"
s = msg[7...35]                                 // s is now "has fleas"
s = msg.removeSuffix("fleas")                   // s is now "my dog has "


Extensions to Swift's Data struct to provide Hex encoding and decoding.

Swift example

let d = Data(hexEncoded: "0fe3a9bc")            // d is now 0x0f,0xe3,0xa9,0xbc
let s = d.hexEncodedString(options: .upperCase) // s is now "0FE3A9BC"


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