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Server Framework


Server is where the majority of developement for the RESTful API will take place. Server depends on three frameworks:

  • PerfectHTTPServer - PerfectlySoft product allowing server-side developement with Swift
  • PerfectMySQL - PerfectlySoft product allowing for MySQL connections with Swift
  • Groundwork - Internal framework from which the underlying model layers are pulled

There is one executable which depend on this:

  • API - Executable where the main.swift command line file resides

Server has one main goal:

The purpose of Server is to create a library which can be imported into a higher level server-side framework with the intention of keeping development out of the main.swift executable.


Server requires Xcode to install.

To view the source code in the Xcode environment you must first download the .zip and navigate into its directory.

Once in the framework's directory:

$ swift package generate-xcodeproj

This will generate an Xcode project in which you can view source code and unit tests clearly.


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