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IT Project by bachelor's students Dorus Janssens and Lucas Schnüriger at the Lucerne School of Information Technology. The goal is an iOS App to augment marble tracks by cuboro with ARKit, CoreML and Vision. Find out more about the project in the wiki. All documentation is in German.


The different prototypes developed during this project are available in the "prototypes" directory. Each Xcode project corresponds with the defined prototypes as follows:


The documentation is written with LaTeX. For code examples the minted package is used, which requires the Python packaged Pygments. Go through the following steps to be able to compile the documentation (uses VS Code and the LaTeX Workshop Extension):

  1. Install Pygments with pip install Pygments, it might already be installed
  2. Add -shell-escape to latexmk arguments in the setting latex-workshop.latex.tools. Be aware that this allow LaTeX to run potentially arbitrary commands on your system. Deactivate it for other documents.
  3. Add *.lol to the filetypes to clean in the setting latex-workshop.latex.clean.fileTypes


  • Insert images with the command: \bild[SOURCEURL]{WIDTH}{FILENAME}{CAPTION}.
    • The argument SOURCEURL is optional and can be used to add a URL source for the image. It will be shown in the list of figures.
    • The width is relative to textwidth (1=fullsize, 0.5=half).
    • Ignore the filetype (e.g. ".png") for the filename.
    • To reference an image use \ref{fig:FILENAME}.
  • Insert Swift code blocks with the code environment, to reference it use \ref{code:LABEL}.
      Swift code ...
  • For single lines (not inline!) of code without the need of a caption use the following sequence: \mint[style=xcode,breaklines]{swift}{CODE}
  • Reference sources added to Quellen.bib with \cite{LABEL}.


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