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A Swift 4-based command-line generator for EPUBs.


With epubgen you can generate EPUB-files from a folder containing Markdown, a cover image file a config file and optionally a CSS-file for the rendered Markdown-files.

The config file contains metadata for the EPUB. A sample file can be created using epubgen --create-configfile.

Read the help using epubgen --help for more information about the config-file and limitations of the tool.

By running epubgen [path-to-config-file] epubgen will start to generate the EPUB.

Currently, binaries are not available. To use the tool, you need to build it yourself.



  • macOS 10.12
  • Xcode 9, Swift 4


  • Clone the repository.
  • Open epubgen.xcodeproj in Xcode.
  • Archive a build using Product → Archive.
  • Export the build-products and move the binary to an appropriate location.


  • Currently subfolders are not supported. Even though files in subfolders are copied and included in the package, they won't be included in the content.opf correctly. An epubcheck will fail.
  • Filenames of content-files must match the RegEx [\w-_.], so they can have toc-entries in the config-file.


  • Support files in subdirectories in package-files.
    Currently, files in subdirectories are found and copied into the package, but the package's files (content.opf and toc.xhtml) are put together only using the filename.
    Workaround: All files need to be located in the base-path of the package, so the hrefs in the package-files are correct.
  • Provide a command-line-argument to ommit packing, but copy the unzipped package instead.
  • Refine key-value-RegEx: ^\s*([\w-_.]+) *: *(.*)m
  • Command-line-arguments.
    Extendible handling of command-line-arguments, so epubgen can be extended with further options.

Any other ideas?

The tool currently fits our production process. As my time is quite limited and I have another project pending, further development is going to pause until October 2017.

History & Credits

epubgen started as a script to automate the process of creating EPUBs for my Mom's ebooks. Over time, this has become a command line tool capable of creating an EPUB-file from a folder containing Markdown-files.

As some private data was part of the repository I was developing with, I imported the releases to include some code-history here on GitHub.

First of all, I want to thank my Mom for writing books and willing to publish them as DRM-free EPUBs on several platforms. Nobody needs DRM-poisoned golden cages, like iBooks or Kindle. The work on your ebooks was a delightful experience and gave me the opportunity to write this nice little tool.

Further, I want to thank:

  • The guys from commonmark.org and John MacFarlane for providing cmark.
  • Rob Phillips for providing Down, a framework for "blazing fast Markdown rendering in Swift, built upon cmark."
  • Glen Low for providing ZipZap, a library to handle zip-files including the rare combination of being able to add single archive-entries with different copressions - which is needed for creating valid EPUB-files.


I am not responsible for any problems resulting from using this tool. What you get here is code. Building and executing it is your responsibility.


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