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driven-app/porsche-connect v0.1.12
An unofficial Porsche Connect API library written in Swift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/driven-app/porsche-connect.git", from: "v0.1.12")


PorscheConnect License Reviewed by Hound

This is an unofficial Porsche Connect API library written in Swift. The primary purpose for this library is to act as a building block for both mobile, desktop and serverside applications built around the Porsche Connect service.

You will require a My Porsche account to be able to make use of this library.

Is the API official?

Absolutely not. These endpoints are a result of reverse engineering Porsche's web and mobile applications.

CI/CD Status

The library has a comprehensive suite of unit tests that run on GitHub Actions. Currently the test suite is run on a simulated Intel based macOS v12.4.x

You can see the current build status of the main branch here:




Porsche Connect requires Swift 5.5 or higher. It uses the new async/await concurrency language features introduced in Swift 5.5.

Supported Platforms

Currently the library supports the following platforms:

  • macOS (Version 11.0+)
  • iOS (Version 14+)
  • tvOS (Version 14+)
  • watchOS (Version 6+)

Swift Package Index

This library is availble on the Swift Package Index at https://swiftpackageindex.com/driven-app/porsche-connect.


Getting Started

Create an instance of the library:

 let porscheConnect = PorscheConnect(username: "[email protected]", 
                                     password: "Duh!")

Currently the following environments are supported:

  • Germany (default)
  • Test (used by the test suite against a mocked server)

A valid MyPorsche username (email) and password is required to use this library.

List Vehicles

To get a list of vehicles associated with your My Porsche account . This call will return an array of Vehicle structs, with nested VehicleAttribute's and VehiclePicture's as appropriate for the vehicles configuration.

try {
  let result = porscheConnect.vehicles()
  if let vehicles = result.vehicles, let response = result.response {
    // Do something with vehicles or raw response
} catch {
  // Handle the error

For example, to get the external Color (a SwiftUI struct) for the first car in your account:

try {
  let result = porscheConnect.vehicles()
  if let vehicles = result.vehicles {
    let firstVehicle = vehicles.first!
    let color: Color = firstVehicle.externalColor
} catch {
  // Handle the error

Summary of a vehicle

To get a summary for a vehicle. This call will return a Summary struct.

try {
  let result = porscheConnect.summary(vehicle: vehicle)
  if let summary = result.summary, let response = result.response {
    // Do something with the summary or raw response
} catch {
  // Handle the error

Position of a vehicle

To get last reported position for a vehicle. This call will return a Position struct.

try {
  let result = porscheConnect.position(vehicle: vehicle)
  if let position = result.position, let response = result.response {
    // Do something with the position or raw response
} catch {
  // Handle the error

Capabilities of a vehicle

To get capabilities for a vehicle. This call will return a Capabilities struct. This struct has nested OnlineRemoteUpdateStatus and HeatingCapabilities structs as appropriate for the vehicle.

try {
  let result = porscheConnect.capabilities(vehicle: vehicle)
  if let capabilities = result.capabilities, let response = result.response {
    // Do something with the capabilities or raw response
} catch {
  // Handle the error

Emobility of a vehicle

If the vehicle is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or a battery electric vehicle (BEV) this will return the status and configuration of the e-mobility aspects of the vehicle. This call requires both a vehicle and its matching capabilities. This call will return a Emobility struct.

try {
  let result = porscheConnect.emobility(vehicle: vehicle, capabilities: capabilities)
  if let emobility = result.emobility, let response = result.response {
    // Do something with the emobility or raw response
} catch {
  // Handle the error


To run the test suite:

xcodebuild test -destination "platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 12 mini" -scheme "PorscheConnect"

This is similar to the commands that are run in CI to test the library on each git commit. You can change the destinations to any of the libraries supported platforms.

Command Line Tool

The library is packaged with a command line utility to give a simple terminal access to the set of Porsche Connect services wrapped by this library.


From within the project directory, run:

swift build -c release

This will place the excutable in <project-dir>/.build/apple/Products/Release folder, where it will be named porsche. If you want to make it available more generally when using a terminal, copy it to /usr/local/bin from the project dir:

cp -f .build/apple/Products/Release/porsche /usr/local/bin

Universal binary

If you would like to build a universal binary for both Intel (x86) and Apple (M1) Mac's then run the compiler with:

swift build -c release --arch arm64 --arch x86_64


To get help on the various commands available, call with --help on either the overall command or any of the sub-commands:

$ porsche --help

OVERVIEW: A command-line tool to call and interact with Porsche Connect services

USAGE: porsche <subcommand>

  --version               Show the version.
  -h, --help              Show help information.

  See 'porsche help <subcommand>' for detailed help.

To get a list of all the vehicles associated with your My Porsche account:

$ porsche list-vehicles <username> <password>

#1 => Model: Taycan 4S; Year: 2021; Type: Y1ADB1; VIN: WP0ZZZXXXXXXXXXXX

To show the summary for a specific vehicle – the nickname is usually set to be the licenseplate of the car, but can be any value set by the owner:

$ porsche show-summary <username> <password> <vin>

Model Description: Taycan 4S; Nickname: 211-D-12345

To show the current position of a vehicle:

$ porsche show-position <username> <password> <vin>

Latitude: 53.395367; Longitude: -6.389296; Heading: 68

To show the capabilties of a vehicle:

$ porsche show-capabilities <username> <password> <vin>

Display parking brake: yes; Needs SPIN: yes; Has RDK: yes; Engine Type: BEV; Car Model: J1; Front Seat Heating: yes; Rear Seat Heating: no; Steering Wheel Position: RIGHT; Honk & Flash: yes

To show the emobility of a vehicle:

(Note: this only displays a small subset of the information that the emobility service returns)

$ porsche show-emobility <username> <password> <vin>

Battery Level: 53%; Remaining Range: 180 KM; Charging Status: NOT_CHARGING; Plug Status: DISCONNECTED


Package Manager

To do this, add the repo to Package.swift, like this:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
  name: "PorscheConnect",
  dependencies: [
    .package(url: "[email protected]:driven-app/porsche-connect.git", 
             from: "0.1"),


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