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DMARC Analyzer

This is my personal implementation of a parser for DMARC to alert me when a report comes back with problems. Feel free to adapt it to your needs if necessary.

Setting Up Automatic Analysis with Postfix

The following won't necessary work command for command, but should give you enough information about what is necessary.


First you have to clone and build the binary:

sudo git clone https://github.com/drewag/dmarc-analyzer.git /etc/postfix/dmarc-analyzer
cd /etc/postfix/dmarc-analyzer
swift package update
swift build -c release
sudo chmod 777 -R .

Then you have to setup the options file:

Configure Options

Create /etc/postfix/dmarc-analyzer/dmarc-options.json

    "sourceEmail": "dmarc-analyzer@example.com",
    "problemEmail": "dmarc@example.com",
    "approvedServers": [

List as many approved server IP addresses as necessary.

Configure Postfix

First, add an alias to feed into the binary: /etc/aliases

dmarcanalyzer:   "|/etc/postfix/dmarc-analyzer/.build/release/analyze /etc/postfix/dmarc-analyzer/dmarc-options.json"

Then refresh the aliases

sudo newaliases

Then you have to setup a virtual alias:

aggrep@example.com dmarcanalyzer@localhost.example.com

Then postmap that file

sudo postmap /etc/postfix/virtual

Finally reload postfix

sudo postfix reload


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