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dprymudrau/ZebrunnerAgent 0.0.1
Zebrunner agent for XCTest
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.package(url: "https://github.com/dprymudrau/ZebrunnerAgent.git", from: "0.0.1")


Instalation steps:

  1. Add package as dependecy to your project
  2. Create swift class that extends NSObject. Example:
import Foundation
import ZebrunnerAgent

public class ObservationConfiguration: NSObject {
    public override init() {
        ZebrunnerObserver.setUp(baseUrl: "{https://someproj.zebrunner.com}",
                                projectKey: "XCTestIOS",
                                refreshToken: "{refreshToken}")

baseUrl - URL of your Zebrunner workspace projectKey - The possible values can be found in Zebrunner on Projects tab refreshToken - Generate it on Account and Profile page on Zebrunner

  1. In Info.plist or Xcode settings of Test Target (Info tab) add Principal class with value {YourTarget}.{YourPrincipalClass} where YourTarget - project target where observation set up class created YourPrincipalClass - class name of observation configuration class

Useful classes

  1. Artifact - you can use static methods from this class to add artifacts and references to test cases and test runs
  2. Label - you can use static methods from this class to add Labels to test cases and test runs
  3. Screenshot - use when you need attach screenshot to test case

Test maintainer

You can assign test maintainer for your test case you'll need to set maintainer's zebrunner username value to testMaintainer variable in test case:

func testSmth() {
    testMaintainer = "dprymudrau"
    let app = XCUIApplication()


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