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This is a basic Vapor 3 application created from the fantastic Server Side Swift with Vapor course by Tim Condon on RayWenderlich.com.

I have added a few additional features to the app and will continue to use it as a testing/demo repository as I learn various aspects of Vapor 3. I hope this can also be used as an example of how various features are implemented in Vapor 3, so feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.


The project is configured to use a Docker container running PostgreSQL. After installing Docker, you can run the following command to create the container:

docker run --name pgsql -e POSTGRES_USER=til -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password -e POSTGRES_DB=vapor -p 5432:5432 -d postgres

This creates a new Docker container named pgsql and installs the PostgreSQL server.

The databse connection is configured in configure.swift.


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