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Language Swift 4.2

A common place for our Networking code. Since Swift 4.0 this can be very straight forward with the Codable protocol. More info on WWWDC 2017 session video: New in Founcation

Our goal with Faro is:

  • Decode objects from JSON data returned from any service.
  • Easy to debug errors and logs in the console
  • Simplify security setup

Asynchronous Throwing

Faro makes heavy use of Asynchronous Throwing. Why this is can be found a a super post from 2015 from @terhechte https://appventure.me/2015/06/19/swift-try-catch-asynchronous-closures/


  • iOS 10 and Swift 4.0
  • Because we use generics you can only use this pod in Swift only files. You can mix and Match with Objective-C but not with generic classes. Types More info



Add following line to your Cartfile.

github "doozMen/Faro"

Then I recomend adding Faro as a sub project or in your workspace. This will always build for the correct target and with correct signing without stripping scripts.

cd Sources
carthage update --no-build

# Add Sources/Faro/Faro.xcodeproject to your project/workspace
# Add Carthage/ZFile/Sources/ZFile.xcodeproject to your project/workspace
# Embed Faro in your app. (choose iOS or macOS)
# Embed ZFile in your app. (choose iOS or macOS)


I use github.com/dooZDev/Highway to automate things. To run it do.

swift package update
# uncomment if you want to change the Higway executable
# swift package generate-xcodeproj

swift build


Please do 👍


Faro is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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1.2.0 - Apr 16, 2019

Added xcodeproj for iOS 10.0 until swift package manager supports iOS

1.1 - Jan 2, 2019

You can:

  • Use playground to checkout Faro on macOS
  • Use the DistinctServiceForType to get a result only once or when it is changed

In RX terms this is calls this distinct

1.0.2 - Dec 31, 2018

1.0 - Dec 29, 2018

You can:

  • perform a network request
  • stub routes
  • Mock the Service
  • Use it with RxSwift