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doo/scanbot-sdk-ios-spm 1.28.0-Beta3
Swift Package Manager repository for the Scanbot iOS SDK
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🕓 3 days ago
.package(url: "https://github.com/doo/scanbot-sdk-ios-spm.git", from: "1.28.0-Beta3")

Scanbot SDK for iOS

Swift Package Manager repository for the iOS Scanbot Scanner SDK.

Provides functionality like Document Scanning, Barcode and QR Code Scanning, Image Filtering, PDF Creation, Optical Character Recognition, etc.

For more details please see:


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Last commit: 3 days ago
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Release Notes

3 days ago
  • 🎉 New:

    • Added support for JSON in all RTU-UI configurations. All SBSDKUI...Configuration classes now have a initWithJSON: initializer
    • Added new parameter codeDensity to SBSDKBarcodeAdditionalParameters.
    • Replaced autoSnappingEnabled with autoSnappingMode of the new type SBSDKAutosnappingMode in SBSDKDocumentScannerViewController.
    • Added new parameter forceUserGuidance to SBSDKUIDocumentScannerBehaviorConfiguration.
  • ⚠️ Breaking Changes:

    • Moved the parameters acceptedMachineCodeTypes and acceptedDocumentTypes from the initializers of SBSDKUIBarcodeScannerViewController to SBSDKUIBarcodeScannerBehaviorConfiguration and from SBSDKUIBarcodesBatchScannerViewController to SBSDKUIBarcodesBatchScannerBehaviorConfiguration.
    • Moved the parameter recognitionStep from SBSDKUITextDataScannerViewController to SBSDKUITextDataScannerBehaviorConfiguration.
    • Removed the parameter accumulatedFramesCount and the corresponding initializers from SBSDKBarcodeScanner.
    • Removed the parameter barcodeAccumulatedFramesCount from SBSDKBarcodeScannerViewController and SBSDKScannerViewController.
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a crash in the check recognizer.

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