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Full featured Swift library for creating powerful CLI Spinners 🔥

Key Features

  • Over 60 built in animations 🤩
  • Built in completion functions (Success, Failure, Warning, Information) ✔
  • Easily create your own custom Spinner animations
  • Use color to make your Spinners stand out 🎨


To install within your Swift project add the GitHub url to your Package.swift file as a dependency. Swift Package Manger will sort everything out for you when you run swift build 💪

.package(url: "https://github.com/dominicegginton/Spinner", from: "1.1.0")

Getting Started

To create a simple for 2 seconds spinner:

import Spinner

let mySpinner = Spinner(.dots, "My Spinner")

Updating the user with a completion type can be useful for example:

mySpinner.succeed("Task Completed")


Creating a Spinner

When creating an instance of Spinner the initializer takes the following arguments:

  • pattern: SpinnerPattern the pattern that the spinner will display
  • text: String the text that will displayed next to the spinner
  • speed: Double the speed the spinner will update at
  • color: Color the color of the spinner - default is
let mySpinner = Spinner(.dots, "My Spinner", speed: 0.5, color: .lightMagenta)

Starting the Spinner 🏁

To start a spinner call the .start() function. This will hide the curser and start the spinner animation.


Stopping the Spinner 🛑

To stop a Spinner object calling .stop() will stop the animation on the current frame, return to a new line along with re enabling the curser. However to update the Spinner with a final frame and text can be extremely usefully for the user in some cased, to do this you can pass the following arguments to the .stop() function:

  • finalFrame: String The final frame the Spinner will display
  • text: String The text displayed by the Spinner once stopped
  • color: Color The color the Spinner will display the pattern in
mySpinner.stop(finalFrame: "!", text: "Final Text", .cyan)

Clearing the Spinner 🧽

It might be important to stop the Spinner and clear it at the same time, .clear() is the function to call if you're looking for this.


Completion Types ✅

As you're using a spinner to display information to the user it might be usefully to provide a type when stopping the Spinner. There are 4 different built-in types for different states: .succeed(), .failure(), .warning() and .information(). Each completion type also takes these arguments:

  • text: String The text that will displayed next to the stopped Spinner

Creating Custom Patterns 🔥

We have 60 animated spinner patterns for you to choose from however you may want to create your own. This can easily be done by defining a multiFrame SpinnerPattern(), the default speed for custom multiFrame patterns is 0.08, to change with pass a double representing the speed to the init of the Spinner.

let customPattern = SpinnerPattern(multiFrame: ["1","2","3","4","5"])
let mySpinner = Spinner(customPattern, "My Spinner", speed: 0.3, color: .blue)


Many thanks for the 60 plus spinner frames that can be found over at sindresorhus repo built in JavaScript.


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1.1.0 - Jun 19, 2019

I have changed a lot in this version keep an read over the README file to see how to use the library.

1.0.0 - May 7, 2019

Welcome to the first stable release of Spinner for you Swift projects. Feel free to open any issues for bugs, improvements and ideas.

Main Features:

  • No display length errors when stopping spinner
  • Over 60 spinners for use within your Swift projects
  • Create your own custom patterns easily
  • Easy to use completion types