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Delightful color picker wheel for iOS in Swift.


Carthage compatible Swift Package Manager compatible

A beautiful, customizable color wheel for iOS in Swift.

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Swift Package Manager

Just add https://github.com/dmrschmidt/SwiftColorWheel and select "Up to Next Major"


Simply add the following to your Cartfile and run carthage update:

github "dmrschmidt/SwiftColorWheel", ~> 1.5


Either, add a ColorWheel or RotatingColorWheel as a custom UIView subclass to your interface builder. Alternatively, you can of course simply add it programmatically as a subview to any normal UIView.

This will already render your color picker. However it doesn't react on your taps yet. For that, set yourself as it's delegate. See the very simplified code example below:

class MyViewController: UIViewController, ColorWheelDelegate {
    private var colorWheel: ColorWheel!

    override func viewDidLoad() {

        colorWheel = ColorWheel(frame: view.frame)
        colorWheel.delegate = self

    // MARK: - ColorWheelDelegate

    func didSelect(color: UIColor) {
        view.backgroundColor = color


You can modify the look of the color wheel through various exposed properties.

// Extra padding in points to the view border.
colorWheel.padding = 13.0

// Radius in point of the central color circle (for black & white shades).
colorWheel.centerRadius = 5.0

// Smallest circle radius in point.
colorWheel.minCircleRadius = 1.0

// Largest circle radius in point.
colorWheel.maxCircleRadius = 5.0

// Padding between circles in point.
colorWheel.innerPadding = 3

 Degree by which each row of circles is shifted.
 A value of 0 results in a straight layout of the inner circles.
 A value other than 0 results in a slightly shifted, fractal-ish / flower-ish look.
colorWheel.shiftDegree = 0

// Overall density of inner circles.
colorWheel.density = 1.0

// Stroke color highlighting currently selected color. Set nil to disable highlighting.
// Default is UIColor.white.
colorWheel.highlightStrokeColor = nil

In some case (like when a RotatingColorWheel is placed inside a UIScrollView) you may want to tweak the default gesture handling for the rotation. If you do so, you can get access to the original gesture handler and use it in composition.

let originalHandler = rotatingWheel.panRecognizer.delegate
yourRetainedHandler = YourTweakedHandler(complementing: originalHandler)
rotatingWheel.panRecognizer.delegate = yourRetainedHandler
rotatingWheel.rotateRecognizer.delegate = yourRetainedHandler

YourTweakedHandler could then implement gestureRecognizerShouldBegin(_:) in conjunction with the originally provided handler.

See it live in action

SoundCard lets you send postcards with audio messages.

SwiftColorWheel is used to color the waveform derived from the audio message on postcards sent by SoundCard.

Check it out on the App Store.



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