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Extract JPEG processing and display from PhotoScrollerNetwork into a Swift Package. Based on Apple's PhotoScroller sample code, this package adds the ability to process jpeg in chunks (web fetch), then host image tiles so that massive images can be displayed zoomed out (to fit the enclosing viw), or zoomed in to their actual pixels.

  • Version 0.4.1: New feature: request a snapshot of the current display within the scrollview.
  • Version 0.4.0: Now usable! For usage look at the related PhotoScrollerNetwork2 project. The TiledImageBuilder now offers a NSOutputStream interface, so you open it, feed it data chunks, then close it. The demo project shows how you can use both local files as well as ones fetched from the internet.


Apple's PhotoScroller project lets you display huge images using CATiledLayer, but only if you pretile them first! My PhotoNetworkScroller project supports tiling large local files and network fetches.

This package:

  • blazingly fast tile rendering - visually much much faster than Apple's code (which uses png files in the file system)
  • you supply a single jpeg file or URL and this code does all the tiling for you, quickly and painlessly
  • builds on Apple's PhotoScroller project by addressing its deficiencies (mostly the pretiled images)
  • provides the means to process very large images for use in a zoomable ScrollView (provided)
  • acked by a CATiledLayer so that only those tiles needed for display consume memory
  • each zoom level has one dedicated temp file rearranged into tiles for rapid tile access & rendering


  1. Add the Package using Xcode->File->Packages with the URL of https://github.com/dhoerl/PhotoScrollerSwiftPackage.
  2. Open the Build Phases, and in the Package shown in the left file pane, drag the Libraries/libturbojpeg.a file into the link section. It will appear just above the PhotoScrollerSwiftPackage (that should already be there)
  3. In Build settings, under library search paths, add: "$(BUILD_DIR)/../../SourcePackages/checkouts/PhotoScrollerSwiftPackage/Libraries"

NOTE: If you want to clone the Package and play with the code, then use a different library search path, for example /Volumes/Data/git/PhotoScrollerSwiftPackage/Libraries.


Feb 11, 2020: Amazingly it's all working. Unit tests in the PhotoScrollerNetworkTest too! Really, if I'd known how much work this would be I probably wouldn't have done it. Virtually all the libturbojpeg interface code didn't change a bit. I had to update the Atomics to use stdAtomic, which took some time and effort. Then the code that manages memory consumption caused hangs: in the end it was due to integer truncation - the size of modern memory overflowed integers.

Feb 4, 2020: The image decoding section is now coded, and at least passed the first unit test! The image contruction interface is an NSOutputStream - coded it to accept a delegate but it really looks like that may not be needed, since it will consume as much data as you throw at it.

Feb 3, 2020: Web based tests done and all passing - even hundreds of them. This took an amazing amount of time and effort to get right. Networking on different threads is never easy.

Feb 1, 2020 : Working on this almost full time. Focused on a test app that will drive it. The data API will have two options: InputStream, or Combine Publisher (which uses the stream). These are now in the test application located in this project. The File based interface is done, next is to add unit tests for the Web options (a day or two).

Next step will be to complete the Swift Package and integrate it into the text app.

Very happy how it progressing, but its taking a lot more time than the original code took (I did most of that in a weekend, believe it or not, but I was a lot younger then too!)


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