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SSIS Project Weaver

Welcome to the SSIS Project Weaver repository. Here you will find everything you need to either 1) extend the highly-extensible SSIS Project Weaver T-SQL-based SSIS execution framework or 2) deploy the framework and begin using it to execute your SQL Server Integration Services 2012, 2014, and/or 2016 projects.

Overview SSIS Project Weaver framework is primarily implemented via the SSISExecutionManager database which is a SQL Server database that is built on top of the logging and execution mechanisms contained within the out-of-the-box MS SQL Server SSISDB database. It uses a completely T-SQL based approach to controlling the execution of SSIS packages via user-configurable dependencies between packages, groups of packages, and custom SQL-based triggers/commands. Unlike SSIS Project Deployment model, the framework allows for cross-project package dependencies and execeution. Additional features include extensive logging and reporting that go beyond what is available in SSIS, SSISDB, and SSMS, configurable auto-retry on failure, restartability without the headaches that come with checkpoint files, exception handling and notification and more. All of this is available without having to make a single change to your existing projects and packages. Please see the wiki Home page for additional highlights.

What Next? To get started we recommend that you review and install the Prerequisites as defined in the wiki and then continue by following the Getting Started page.


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v0.2.1-lw - Nov 17, 2017

This is the first iteration of a major refactoring of how and where package-level properties are managed. The refactor will enable greater flexibility when reusing packages in more than one package group and reusing package groups in more than on batch.

v0.1-lw - Nov 3, 2017

The majority of this code has been stable and running in production environments for 12 months. However, the upcoming v0.2 release will contain breaking changes. This release will have limited ongoing support that will be limited to high-priority bug-fixes.