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DrString finds issues in your Swift docstrings and fixes them for you.
.package(url: "https://github.com/dduan/DrString.git", from: "v0.5.0")

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Dr. String in the Multiverse of Pedantry

… or "DrString", for short.

DrString helps you take control of docstrings in your Swift codebase by finding and fixing inconsistencies among them.

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  • Getting Started guides you through how to use DrString in your Swift project.
  • Overview provides the why s and what s of docstring linting.
  • Configuration is a reference to all options for behavior customization.
  • Editor Integrations exist to improve your user experience with Xcode, and more!




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Last commit: 4 weeks ago

Release Notes

15 weeks ago


  • drstring check now reports each problem it finds with a file path, line, and column, as apposed to before, where all problems for a specific signature are grouped together. Each type of problem has a custom column position to best indicate which part of the docstring it relates to.
  • drstring extract's output for existing docstrings gained a new field relativeLineNumber for each "entry".

Bug fixes

  • In grouped parameter style, spacing between the dash - and the parameter was not checked before. From this release on, any spacing except a single space is deemed problematic. (#225)
  • If documentation for throws and returns starts on the second line, previously this was considered problematic. But it's pretty common to start on the next line. This bug has been fixed. (#213)
35e7a66c27f8babe549da3eff2b79bdcd9b6bcb5c61f9837cf9fedbe52908358  drstring-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz
c210bd86fcff2d6a96783831f28dc8118dcdcc995ccb235ec2292ea4a51adb43  v0.5.0.zip
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