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ddddxxx/Semver v0.2.1
Swift Semantic Versioning library
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.package(url: "https://github.com/ddddxxx/Semver.git", from: "v0.2.1")


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Semver is a Swift implementation of the Semantic Versioning.


  • Swift 5.0+


Quick Start

import Semver

// A leading "v" character is ignored.
let version = Semver("v1.3.8-rc.1+build.3")!

version > Semver("1.0.2+39f1d74")! // true


The Equatable conformance respect Semver semantic equality and ignore build metadata. This also affect Comparable and Hashable.

You can use === and !== to take build metadata into account.

let v1 = Version("1.0.0+100")!
let v2 = Version("1.0.0+200")!

v1 == v2 // true
v1 <= v2 // true
v1.hashValue == v2.hashValue // true
Set([v1, v2]).count == 1 // ❗️true

v1 === v2 // false
v1 !== v2 // true

Validity Check

The string initializer Semver.init?(_:) always produce valid version (or nil). The literal initializer Semver.init(stringLiteral:) only accept StaticString and crash when failed.

However, the member wise initializer Semver.init(major:minor:patch:prerelease:buildMetadata:) doesn't perform validity checks on its fields. It's possible to form an invalid version. You can manually validate a version using Semver.isValid.

let version = Semver(major: 0, minor: 0, patch: -1) // invalid version 0.0.-1
version.isValid // false


Swift Package Manager

Add the project to your Package.swift file:

package.dependencies += [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/ddddxxx/Semver", .upToNextMinor("0.2.0"))


Add the project to your Cartfile:

github "ddddxxx/Semver"

Copy File

This is a lightweight library contains only one file. You can simply copy/paste the Semver file into your project.


Semver is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.


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