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A Swift Packge of the amazing Sensible TableView framework by Sensible Cocoa.

iOS 13 compatibility, Xcode 11 compatibility, and Swift Packaging by dgApps. Although it's now a Swift Package STV is still all glorious Objective C! This version is not so much forked from the open source version from wizgod, as ripped apart and then rebuilt into a SPM compatible format.

What is Sensible TableView?

Sensible TableView (STV) is a Swift Package that drastically simplifies iOS table view development, while focusing on delivering a simple and enjoyable developer experience. Every single thing that can be done with normal table views can still be done with STV, only a lot easier. Have a custom UITableView subclass? No problem, STV flawlessly integrates with that. A custom cell? Even better! Custom view controllers? STV’s bread and butter! STV elegantly reduces the amount of work you have to do to an absolute bare minimum!

Based on countless user testimonials and feedback, Sensible Cocoa found that developers were saving on average about 70% of their development time when they started using STV in their apps. What this means is that an app that would normally take weeks or even months to develop alone, can now be conceived in just a matter of days using STV. Since STV keeps your code very short, simple and straight forward, maintenance suddenly becomes much easier.

Unfortunley the phenomenal visual interface that Sensible Cocoa developed that worked in Interface Builder was kiboshed by Apple with Xcode 8. However all the code side of STV still works, and that's what's packaged here.


SensibleTableView is now licensed under the MIT License. See STV.txt and STV.plist in the License folder.


  • Xcode 11 and later.
  • iOS 9 and later.


Add STV to an Xcode 11 project as simply as:

  • File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependancy...
  • Use the URL: https://github.com/daveguerin/STV/
  • Set the version to 'Up to next major'.
  • Choose the target where you want to use it.
  • Add an @import STV; in your code.
  • Marvel and enjoy!
  • Maybe RTFM a bit :-)


5.x Manual: http://sensiblecocoa.com/usermanual/latest

5.x API Docs: http://sensiblecocoa.com/documentation/latest

5.x Docset Feed: http://sensiblecocoa.com/documentation/latest/com.sensiblecocoa.STV-5.0.atom

6.x API Docs: https://daveguerin.github.io/STVDocumentation/

6.x Docset Feed: https://daveguerin.github.io/STVDocumentation/docsets/STV.xml

The Docset Feeds are for Dash and other documentation browsers.


Forum: http://sensiblecocoa.com/community


Please report any issues and bugs with this Swift Package of STV via https://github.com/daveguerin/STV/issues.

Pull requests are very much appreciated!


CHANGELOG: https://github.com/daveguerin/STV/tree/master/CHANGELOG.md


  • Update the documentation.
  • Getting started documentation. Update the STV 3.x Introduction PDF for STV 6.x and iOS 13.x?
  • Add an example, or two? Separate repository?


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