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danny1113/vapor-dsl 1.0.0
Declarative, structured syntax for Vapor.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/danny1113/vapor-dsl.git", from: "1.0.0")


This is a Swift Package using result builder to build a DSL on top of the Vapor framework inspired by SwiftUI.

VaporDSL provides a declarative API that allows you to build back-end server with simple and structured syntax, you can understand your server's structure while you code.

Important: There is a similar name called RoutesBuilder, which is a protocol provided by the Vapor framework, is different from RouteBuilder, which is the result builder of VaporDSL. This name might be change in the future if a better name that could better represents the RouteBuilder is founded to prevent misunderstanding.

How to use

Add VaporDSL to your Swift Package dependency

dependencies: [
    // ...
    .package(name: "VaporDSL", url: "https://github.com/danny1113/vapor-dsl.git", from: "1.0.0")

Initialize your web application

You can create your entire web application just by writing your code inside the Application content closure. You can also do additional setup like Leaf, Fluent, Middlewares after initialize the application inside then() function.

try Application {
    // Group, Route, Controller...
.then { app in
    // other additional setup...

Or if you're using the template provided by Vapor, because Group conforms to the RouteCollection protocol provided by Vapor, you can register it directly.

func routes(_ app: Application) throws {
    let collection = Group {
        // Group, Route, Controller...
    try app.register(collection: collection)

Design your server structure


Group is a struct which conforms to the RouteCollection protocol, it will group and add all of its child routes. You can create even more complex structure by create a group inside a group.

Note: Initialize Group without the _ path parameter will has no effect on server structure.

// root path
Group {
    // api
    Group("api") {
        // Route, Controller...


Route represents a endpoint on the server, it use use(method:path:body:closure:) provided by the Vapor framework to create new route.

Note: Initialize Route without the _ path parameter will create a route on its parent's root path.

Group("api") {
    // default HTTPMethod: .GET
    // GET /api/
    Route(use: index)
    // GET /api/todos
    Route("todos") { req in
        return req.view.render("todos")

    // POST /api/todos
    Route("todos", on: .POST, use: todo)

You can also group the routes in its own controller, just simply conforms to the RouteBuildable protocol.

struct LoginController: RouteBuildable {
    var body: some RouteBuildable {
        Group {
            Route("login", on: .GET, use: login)
            // Group, Route, Controller...
    func login(req: Request) async throws -> View {
        return try await req.view.render("login")

Now you learned how to use Group and Route, you can composite your server with structure syntax:

try Application {
    // GET /
    Route { req in
        return "Hello, world!"
    Group("api") {
        // GET /api/status
        Route("status", on: .GET) { req in
            return "ok"


MiddlewareGroup groups all its routes inside a middleware, you can also chain multiple middlewares together.

) {
    Route("hello") { req in
        return req.view.render("hello")


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Release Notes

1 week ago

Initial release of the VaporDSL library.

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