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Complex numbers in Swift and Swift Package Manager.


import Complex
let z0 = 1.0 + 1.0.i    // (1.0+1.0.i)
let z1 = 1.0 - 1.0.i    // (1.0-1.0.i)
z0.conj // (1.0-1.0.i)
z0.i    // (-1.0+1.0.i)
z0.norm // 2
z0 + z1 // (2.0+0.0.i)
z0 - z1 // (0.0+2.0.i)
z0 * z1 // (2.0+0.0.i)
z0 / z1 // (0.0+1.0.i)


complex.swift implements all the functionality of std::complex in c++11, arguably more intuitively.

like C++11

  • Protocol-Oriented * Complex numbers are Complex<R> where R is a type of .real and .imag that conforms to the ComplexElement protocol or GaussianIntElement protocol.
    • In addition to basic arithmetic operations like +, -, *, / and abs(), Complex<T:RealType> gets libm functions like exp(), log(), sin(), cos().

unlike C++11

  • Instead of defining the constant i, Double and Complex have a property .i which returns self * Complex(0,1) so it does not pollute the identifier i, too popularly used for iteration to make it a constant.
  • Following functions are provided as compouted properties:
    • z.abs for abs(z)
    • z.arg for arg(z)
    • z.norm for norm(z)
    • z.conj for conj(z)
    • z.proj for proj(z)
  • Construct a complex number via polar notation as:
    • Complex(abs:magnitude, arg:argument)



$ git clone https://github.com/dankogai/swift-complex.git
$ cd swift-complex # the following assumes your $PWD is here
$ swift build



$ scripts/run-repl.sh


$ swift build && swift -I.build/debug -L.build/debug -lComplex

and in your repl,

Welcome to Apple Swift version 4.2 (swiftlang-1000.11.37.1 clang-1000.11.45.1). Type :help for assistance.
  1> import Complex
  2> Complex.sqrt(1.i)
$R0: Complex.Complex<Double> = {
  real = 0.70710678118654757
  imag = 0.70710678118654757


Xcode project is deliberately excluded from the repository because it should be generated via swift package generate-xcodeproj . For convenience, you can

$ scripts/prep-xcode

And the Workspace opens up for you with Playground on top. The playground is written as a manual.

iOS and Swift Playground

Unfortunately Swift Package Manager does not support iOS. To make matters worse Swift Playgrounds does not support modules.

To address this, scripts/makemono.pl is provided to amalgamate all necessary sources to a single monoComplex.swift which can be dropped into your projects, in which case import Complex is unneeded.

Just run:

$ scripts/makemono.pl

And even more conveniently,

$ scripts/ios-prep.sh

Does that and adds monoComplex.swift into iOS/Complex.playground. The resulting playground is compabile w/ the Playgrounds App for iOS.

From Your SwiftPM-Managed Projects

Add the following to the dependencies section:

  url: "https://github.com/dankogai/swift-complex.git", from: "4.0.0"

and the following to the .target argument:

  name: "YourSwiftyPackage",
  dependencies: ["Complex"])

Now all you have to do is:

import Complex

in your code. Enjoy!


Swift 4.2 or better, OS X or Linux to build.


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