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KeyboardKit is a Swift library that helps you create iOS keyboard extensions.


Version Platform Swift 5.3 MIT License Twitter: @danielsaidi

About KeyboardKit

KeyboardKit helps you create custom keyboard extensions for iOS and ipadOS.

KeyboardKit provides you with a rich set of tools and actions, haptic and audio feedback, input sets, keyboard layouts, autocomplete etc. and It you create keyboards with characters, numbers, symbols, emojis, images or entirely custom keyboards that make use of the vast extensions to the native framework.

The end result can look something like this, or entirely different:

If you're new to iOS keyboard extensions, this great guide can help you get started. You can also have a look at the demo apps for inspiration.


Swift Package Manager



target 'MyApp' do
  pod 'KeyboardKit'

target 'MyKeyboard' do
  pod 'KeyboardKit'

post_install do |installer|
   installer.pods_project.targets.each do |target|
      target.build_configurations.each do |config|
          config.build_settings['APPLICATION_EXTENSION_API_ONLY'] = 'No'

Getting Started

With KeyboardKit, you should inherit KeyboardInputViewController instead of UIInputViewController. It provides you with many tools that helps you build custom keyboard extension.

KeyboardKit supports both UIKit and SwiftUI, so you can pick the option that suits your needs best.


KeyboardKit contains a rich set of tools to create UIKit-based keyboards.

Read more here and see this tutorial for some examples. You can also checkout the UIKit demo for inspiration.


KeyboardKit can be extended with KeyboardKitSwiftUI to create SwiftUI-based keyboards.

Read more here and see this tutorial for some examples. You can also checkout the SwiftUI demo for inspiration.

SwiftUI is the future

SwiftUI is the main focus going forward, and will be the main technology from version 4.0. UIKit-specific functionality will then be removed. Read more about this decision here.


KeyboardKit supports many different keyboard actions, like character inputs, emoji inputs, backspace, newline, space, image etc. You can even create your own, custom actions.

Read more here

Keyboard Types

KeyboardKit supports many different keyboard types, like alphabetic, numeric, symbolic, emoji etc. You can even create your own, custom keyboard types.

Read more here

Input Sets

KeyboardKit provides you with locale-specific input sets, which makes it easy to create alphabetic, numeric and symbolic keyboards in many languages.

Read more here

Keyboard Layouts

KeyboardKit can combine an input set with surrounding actions to create a keyboard layout, which is the total set of actions on a keyboard.

Read more here


KeyboardKit supports autocomplete and can present autocomplete suggestions to users as they type.

Read more here

Haptic Feedback

KeyboardKit supports haptic feedback and can give users haptic feedback as they type.

Read more here.

Audio Feedback

KeyboardKit supports audio feedback and can give users audio feedback as they type.

Read more here.


KeyboardKit comes with many keyboard-specific extensions. Check out the demo apps and source code for examples and more information.

Demo Applications

This repository contains two demo apps that demonstrate different keyboard types, like alphabetical (lower/uppercased and caps locked), numerical, symbols, emojis and images.

  • KeyboardKitDemoKeyboard uses UIKit to implement various keyboards that mimics system keyboards.
  • KeyboardKitDemoKeyboard_SwiftUI uses SwiftUI to implement the same keyboards in another way.

The demo apps are not intended to be production ready keyboards, but rather to give you inspiration to how you can build your own keyboards.

To run the demo app, open and run the KeyboardKit.xcodeproj project, then enable the keyboards under system settings. Don't forget to enable full access to support all features, like audio and haptic feedback.

Contact me

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or if you want to contribute in any way:


KeyboardKit is proudly supported by:

Anomaly Software Logo Milo Creative Logo

Your company can support KeyboardKit by either sponsoring the project on GitHub Sponsors or by paying for consultation. I'ld be happy to help you out with your keyboard needs.


KeyboardKit is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for more info.


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Last commit: 50 minutes ago


- 2021-01-21T00:08:40

This release fixes so that the secondary input gesture triggers a tap if there were no secondary actions in the callout.

New features

  • Emoji is a new struct that in the future will let us work more with emojis in a more structured and type-safe way.

  • EmojiCategory now lets you register a frequentEmojiProvider, and uses that to populate the frequent category.

  • There is a new EmojiProvider protocol

  • There is a new FrequentEmojiProvider protocol

  • There is a new MostRecentEmojiProvider class

  • There is a new String+Delimiters extension with word and sentence delimiters.

  • There are new UITextDocumentProxu+Content extensions to get previous sentences and words.

  • AutocompleteToolbar has a new, static standardReplacement function.

  • AutocompleteToolbar has a new, static standardReplacementAction function.

  • AutocompleteToolbar now lets you provide an optional, custom replacementAction in init.

  • Color+Resources is a new extension that provides asset-based colors that adapt to dark mode.

  • EmojiCategoryKeyboard is a new view that lists the emojis of a selected category and a menu.

  • EmojiCategoryKeyboardMenu is a new view that lets the user select one of multiple categories.

  • EmojiKeyboard is a new view that renders a set of emojis in a lazy grid. The item action is customizable.

Behavior changes

  • EmojiCategory now implements EmojiProvider

  • EmojiCategory.frequent now returns emojis from the frequentEmojiProvider.

  • StandardKeyboardActionHandler now tries to register emojis with the EmojiCategory frequent emoji provider.

  • Color+Button uses the new asset-based colors.

  • SystemKeyboardButtonBody now only offsets small caps texts.

  • The emoji action has a filled standard image instead of an outlined one.

  • Due to a secondary callout action bug, the secondary context is now created by the vc.

Bug fixes

  • The ´ accent was accidentally used in standard numeric keyboards. It has now been replaced with , which is the correct one.


  • KeyboardContext.emojiCategory has been deprecated. This should be persisted by the view instead.

  • PhotosImageService and the standard implementation has been deprecated. Copy it to your own project if you want to keep on using it.

  • UIImage+Photos has been deprecated. Copy it to your own project if you want to keep on using it.

  • Some button-specific Color extensions have been deprecated.

  • View+keyboardAction(:context:) has been deprecated.

Breaking changes

  • secondaryCalloutInputProvider has been removed from KeyboardContext. It's now only in the secondary context.