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Pure Swift API client for PHPD that automatically handles encryption
.package(url: "https://github.com/d4l-data4life/d4l-sdk-ios.git", from: "1.14.3")

Data4LifeSDK for iOS

Pure Swift API client for HealthCloud that automatically handles encryption

CocoaPods Compatible Swift Package Manager compatible License



  • Xcode 12
  • iOS 13.0+
  • Swift 5.3+


Note: Data4LifeCrypto is part of the SDK project as a separate framework



To install with CocoaPods add the following line to the podfile.

source 'https://github.com/d4l-data4life/d4l-cocoapods-specs.git'

pod 'Data4LifeSDK', '~> 1.14.0'

Note: For more info check README.

Swift Package Manager

To install with Swift package manager, select your project’s Swift Packages tab, and add our repository url, either as ssh or https url:




In the next step, select the latest version, and then import both the Data4LifeCrypto and Data4LifeSDK libraries in your target.


Building Requirements

=== Config files

Before you are able to run tests on the SDK or run the example app, you need to create and add a d4l-example-app-config.json file in the project root folder with credentials (which can only be obtained by contacting us). NOTE: The CI expects this configuration from an environment variable stored in the GitHub secret: D4L_EXAMPLE_CONFIG_IOS

The configuration file has the following structure:

// d4l-example-app-config.json
  "platform": "d4l",
  "configs": {
      "id": "{CLIENT_ID}",
      "secret": "{CLIENT_SECRET}",
      "redirectScheme": "{CLIENT_REDIRECT_SCHEME}"
    "SANDBOX": {
      "id": "{CLIENT_ID}",
      "secret": "{CLIENT_SECRET}",
      "redirectScheme": "{CLIENT_REDIRECT_SCHEME}"
    "STAGING": {
      "id": "{CLIENT_ID}",
      "secret": "{CLIENT_SECRET}",
      "redirectScheme": "{CLIENT_REDIRECT_SCHEME}"
      "id": "{CLIENT_ID}",
      "secret": "{CLIENT_SECRET}",
      "redirectScheme": "{CLIENT_REDIRECT_SCHEME}"

In order for the example app to choose which environment to use, you need to change the build setting D4L_CONFIGURATION on the Example target, and set any of the following values: DEVELOPMENT, SANDBOX, STAGING, PRODUCTION

Example application

Open HCSDK.xcodeproj and run the Example target.


SDK is handled by Fastlane and all of the available functions are available in the README.

Install Fastlane and other dependencies using Bundler

bundle install

Note: Check official page for info on how to install Bundler.

Release framework

Manual steps

Updating CHANGELOG.md is the only required manual step, release script expects to find matching version in the CHANGELOG.md as the one that used while calling release_framework Fastlane action. It takes all of the chnages and uploads them to the GitHub release page.

Note: Release script will fail if there is no new version defined in the changelog

Running the script

Folowing command will release new version of framework while handling couple of things:

  • Set new project version
  • Set new SDK version
  • Set new version in the README.md
  • Update CocoaPods podspec file
  • Generate new documentation
  • Do sanity checks (proper branch, proper version number in changelog etc.)
  • Commit changes and create version tag
  • Push new commit and tag to GitHub
  • Create GitHub release page with all of the information for CHANGELOG.md
  • Upload prebuilt framework to the release page
  • Push latest podspecs to private CococaPods specs repository
bundle exec fastlane release_framework version:"1.0.0" crypto_version:"1.0.0" api_token:"super-secret-GitHub-API-token"

Generate documentation

Documentation is generated using Asciidoctor, all of the resoures can be found in asciidoc, and generated HTML documentation can be found in docs.

bundle exec fastlane generate_docs version:1.0.0


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