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What library contains

The current library contains the NibView that helps the programmer to create fast and easy subviews.

The current library is a subject to change.

How to use it

  • Create a new swift class that inherits from the NibView
  • Create a new xib view and put it preferably in the same folder of the source code
  • Launch the new xib view (just created) and git the File's Owner element under Placeholder
  • Under custom class paste the name of your swift source code file
  • Important: Both files should have the same name
  • Use regularly the subview such as the table view cells are used

Important notes

In case there is a need to inherit from the implemented view (inherits from the NibView) without creating a new nib view you should override the prefferedXibFile method and pass the class of the initial subview.


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