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SwiftLog compatible file log handler.

Example: Just logging to a file

let logFileURL = URL(/* your local log file here */)
let logger = try FileLogging.logger(label: "Foobar", localFile: logFileURL)
logger.error("Test Test Test")

Example: Logging to both the standard output (Xcode console if using Xcode) and a file.

let logFileURL = try getDocumentsDirectory().appendingPathComponent(logFileName)
let fileLogger = try FileLogging(to: logFileURL)

LoggingSystem.bootstrap { label in
    let handlers:[LogHandler] = [
        FileLogHandler(label: label, fileLogger: fileLogger),
        StreamLogHandler.standardOutput(label: label)

    return MultiplexLogHandler(handlers)

let logger = Logger(label: "Test")

Note in that last example, if you use LoggingSystem.bootstrap, make sure to create your Logger after the LoggingSystem.bootstrap usage (or you won't get the effects of the LoggingSystem.bootstrap).

For more examples, see the unit tests and refer to apple/swift-log's README


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