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Swift bindings for zotero/citeproc-rs
.package(url: "https://github.com/cormacrelf/CiteprocRsKit.git", from: "v0.4.0")


A set of Swift bindings for citeproc-rs.

This is a SwiftPM package that has a dependency on a pre-built copy of citeproc-rs' FFI library. Some bug fixes may occur only in the FFI library, of which new versions can be pulled with swift package update. See the citeproc-rs/ffi-xcframework releases for news.


Via Xcode

Open up your project's settings page, look under the 'Swift Packages' tab and add this GitHub repo as a dependency.

Via Package.swift

For Package.swift, add as below. Follow the docs here and here for version requirements.

// Package.swift
// ...
dependencies: [
    // exact version best for sub-1.0.0 releases as SwiftPM doesn't consider an
    // 0.x to 0.x+1 change a "major version" despite Semver
    .package(url: "https://github.com/cormacrelf/CiteprocRsKit", .exact("0.4.0")),
targets: [
    // and add it as a dependency to a target in your own project
    .target(name: "MyApp", dependencies: ["CiteprocRsKit"])


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Release Notes

2 weeks ago

SwiftPM + JSON

This release changes the distribution from entirely xcframework-driven, to mostly SwiftPM.

Merged PRs:

  • #6 SwiftPM support. Now you should depend directly on this repo from your Package.swift or via Xcode. See the README for how.
  • #7 Supports constructing a CslReference programatically, and also passing pre-encoded JSON references directly to citeproc-rs.

Issues fixed

  • #4 is no longer problem because SwiftPM downloads + compiles the Swift code from scratch when you add the package.

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