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coniferprod/SyxPack 0.10.0
Utilities for manipulating MIDI System Exclusive messages
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.package(url: "https://github.com/coniferprod/SyxPack.git", from: "0.10.0")


Utilities for processing MIDI System Exclusive messages in Swift.

Data structures

The SyxPack library contains several data structures that model MIDI System Exclusive messages.


System Exclusive messages are either universal or manufacturer-specific. Universal SysEx messages are further divided into real-time and non-real-time messages, while manufacturer-specific SysEx messages have an associated manufacturer identifier. Both universal and manufacturer-specific messages have an associated payload, which is message specific.


MIDI equipment manufacturers have registered identifiers. The registry is maintained by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA), and is found on the MMA website: Manufacturer SysEx ID Numbers

There are two kinds of manufacturer identifiers, standard and extended. Standard identifiers consist of just one byte, while extended identifiers consist of three bytes. In addition there is a special case of standard identifier, intended for development or non-commercial use.

The Manufacturer struct represents the origin of a manufacturer-specific System Exclusive message. Manufacturers are divided into groups based on their identifiers, as detailed on the MMA website.

The SyxPack library also has the display names for the registered MIDI manufacturers. This can be useful if you need to identify SysEx messages based only on their content.


The SyxPack library defines some useful helper types.

The Byte type is an alias for Swift's UInt8 type, while ByteArray is an alias for an Array<UInt8> or [UInt8]. These type aliases save you some typing.

The Byte and ByteArray types have some useful extensions which allow you easy access to the individual bits of a byte, or convert the contents of a ByteArray into representations commonly used in manufacturer-specific SysEx messages.

In addition, there are extensions to produce a hexadecimal representation or a "hex dump" of a byte array. The parameters of the dump are configurable.

Test suite

The SyxPack library has a moderate amount of unit tests implemented using Apple's XCTest library.

The book

The development of SyxPack is described in the book Bytes of Swift by Jere Käpyaho, published on Apple Books by Conifer Productions Oy.


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