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combustion-inc/combustion-ios-ble 1.0.0
Bluetooth Low Energy framework for communicating with Combustion Inc. Predictive Thermometers.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/combustion-inc/combustion-ios-ble.git", from: "1.0.0")

BLE Communication Library for Combustion Inc.


This package enables communication with Combustion Inc. Predictive Thermometers. It uses Apple's Combine framework, subclassing ObservableObject to enable reactive UI development in SwiftUI (and is compatible with Storyboard approaches as well).

Discovered probes show up as instances of the Probe class in the DeviceManager.shared.probes dictionary, and their temperatures and other data are continually updated by incoming BLE advertising messages. Additionally, calling connect() on an individual Probe object will cause the framework to maintain a connection to that device, and will automatically download all logged temperature records on the device.

About Combustion Inc.

We build nice things that make cooking more enjoyable. Like a thermometer that's wireless, oven-safe, and uses machine learning to do what no other thermometer can: predict your food’s cooking and resting times with uncanny accuracy.

Our Predictive Thermometer's eight temperature sensors measure the temp outside and inside the food, in the center and at the surface, and nearly everywhere in between. So you know what’s really happening in and around your food. There's a display Timer that's big and bold—legible even through tears of joy and chopped onions—and a mobile app.

Or you can create your own mobile app to work with the Predictive Thermometer using this open source library.

Probe and Timer

Visit www.combustion.inc to purchase or learn more about the Predictive Thermometer.

Head on over to our FAQ for more product details.

Ask us a quick question on Twitter.

Email [email protected] for OEM partnership information.

Example project

An example iOS app illustrating the use of this framework is available in the combustion-ios-example repository.

Usage information

Swift Package Manager

Simply add this Github repository to your project via Swift Package Manager.

Target capabilities

The following Capabilities need to be added to your Target (Signing & Capabilities tab in Target settings):

  • Background BLE services
    • Enable Uses Bluetooth LE Accessories

Info.plist settings

Additionally, the following entries must be added to your project's Info.plist:

  • Key: Privacy - Bluetooth Always Usage Description

    • Value: Description of reason for Bluetooth access, e.g. "Bluetooth is used to communicate with hardware products."
  • Key: Privacy - Bluetooth Peripheral Usage Description

    • Value: Description of reason for Bluetooth access, e.g. "Bluetooth is used to communicate with hardware products."

Important Classes

The following classes provide key functionality to apps incorporating this framework.


DeviceManager is an observable singleton class that maintains a dictionary of Probe objects that have been discovered over BLE.

Important members

  • initBluetooth() - Initialize Bluetooth and begin scanning for thermometers
  • probes - Observable dictionary of probes (key is a String BLE UUID identifier, value is the Probe object)
  • getProbes() - Function that returns array representation of the Probe objects in the probes dictionary.

Probe (subclass of Device)

An instance of the Probe class representes an individual temperature probe that has been discovered via its advertising data. These are retrieved from the DeviceManager.shared.probes dictionary.

Important members

  • serialNumber - The Probe's unique serial number

  • name - String format of probe serial number

  • macAddress - Probe's MAC address

  • macAddressString - String representation of Probe's MAC address

  • id - Probe's numeric ID (1-8)

  • color - Probe's silicone ring color

  • batteryStatus - Battery status (OK or low) as reported by probe

  • currentTemperatures - ProbeTemperatures struct containing the most recent temperatures read by the Probe.

    • currentTemperatures.values - Array of these temperatures, in celsius, where values[0] is temperature sensor T1, and values[7] is temperature sensor T8.
      • T1 - High-precision temperature sensor in tip of probe
      • T2 - High-precision temperature sensor
      • T3 - MCU temperature sensor
      • T4 - High-precision temperature sensor
      • T5 - High-temperature thermistor
      • T6 - High-temperature thermistor
      • T7 - High-temperature thermistor
      • T8 - High-temperature thermistor on handle tip measuring ambient
  • identifier - iOS-provided UUID for the device

  • rssi - Signal strength between Probe and iOS device

  • maintainingConnection - Whether the app is currently attempting to maintain a connection with the Probe, as directed by the connect() and disconnect() methods.

  • connect() - Attempts to connect to device, and instructs framework to attempt to maintain a connection to this probe if it is lost.

  • disconnect() - Instruct framework to disconnect from this probe, and to no longer attempt to maintain a connection to it.

  • stale - true if no advertising data or notifications have been received from the Probe within the "staleness timeout" (15 seconds), or false if recent data has been received.

  • minSequenceNumber - Minimum sequence number of log records stored on the probe

  • maxSequenceNumber - Maximum sequence number of log records stored on the probe

  • percentOfLogsSynced - Percent of all log sequence numbers contained in the probe (determined by the status sequence number range) that have been successfully retrieved and stored in the app's memory.

  • temperatureLog - ProbeTemperatureLog class instance containing all logged temperatures that have been retrieved from the device, and logic that coordinates automatically retrieving all past records when connected to a Probe.

    • Individual logged temperatures are provided in the temperatureLog.dataPoints array. These are instances of the struct LoggedProbeDataPoint, which contains the point's sequence number and corresponding ProbeTemperatures struct as explained above.
  • predictionInfo - PredictionInfo struct containing current prediction information

  • virtualTemperatures - VirtualTemperatures struct containing current temperature for Virutal sensors (core, suface, ambient)

Useful functions

The framework also provides celsius() and fahrenheit() functions that convert temperatures between these two formats.

Common usage examples

Importing this framework

To use the Combustion BLE framework in your own Swift file, import it:

import CombustionBLE

Rendering list of probes

In SwiftUI, a list of probes can be rendered like so:

struct EngineeringProbeList: View {
    @ObservedObject var deviceManager = DeviceManager.shared
    var body: some View {
        NavigationView {
            List {
                ForEach(deviceManager.probes.keys.sorted(), id: \.self) { key in
                    if let probe = deviceManager.probes[key] {
                        NavigationLink(destination: EngineeringProbeDetails(probe: probe)) {
                            EngineeringProbeRow(probe: probe)


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Release Notes

Release 1.0.0
32 weeks ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/combustion-inc/combustion-ios-ble/compare/0.11.0...1.0.0

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