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coinbrix/Singularity-iOS 1.4.0
Singularity sdk to easy implement login flow and wallet integration
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.package(url: "https://github.com/coinbrix/Singularity-iOS.git", from: "1.4.0")


You can integrate singularity sdk to easy implement login flow and wallet integration



Add below line in your podflie

pod "Singularity-iOS"

you can add on SPM using below link



Implement this protocol to get callbacks

  • onGetSingularityUserInfo This callback you get after successfully login. You will get the login user detail as json string in parameter. You also get user detail anytime from shared preference using SingularityUser as key.
    func onGetSingularityUserInfo(user: [String:Any]) {

To get user detail from UserDefaults

let prefs = UserDefaults.standard
let user = prefs.object(forKey: "SingularityUser") 
  • onSingularityClose This callback you get when you click on close icon or press back button.
    func onSingularityClose() {
  • onSingularityLogout This callback you get after successfully logout. It also delete user detail from shared preference.
    func onSingularityLogout() {
  • onSingularityError This callback you get if any error occured in initalization. It provides error message and error code.
    func onSingularityError(message: String, code: Int) {

SingularitySDKInitializer - startLogin

You can call this function to start login flow or can open profile page

params - provide params needed for initalization- a key and environment (test/production) is compulsory
listener - provide SingularityListener to recieve callbacks
parentVC - provide a UIViewController in which we can present our login screen
SingularitySDKInitializer.startLogin(on parentVC: <UIViewController>,
                                with params: <SingularityParams>,
                                listener: <SingularityListener>)


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