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codykerns/PurchasesHelper v1.0.1
Helpers for building paywalls with RevenueCat's Purchases SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/codykerns/PurchasesHelper.git", from: "v1.0.1")

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A set of helper utilities to use for building paywalls with RevenueCat's Purchases iOS SDK.


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Many developers have paid apps that they would like to convert to subscription apps. PurchasesHelper includes CompatibilityAccessManager to be used as a source of truth for entitlement access for apps that were previously paid.

The easiest way to get started is to call syncReceiptIfNeededAndRegister on the shared instance of CompatibilityAccessManager after the Purchases SDK has been configured, then provide an array of entitlement names and versions.

By calling syncReceiptIfNeededAndRegister, you will sync a user's receipt with their RevenueCat app user ID if there hasn't been a receipt synced yet, which is useful for migrating customers from your paid app version to the RevenueCat version.

A receipt must be synced with RevenueCat for this package to work. You don't have to use syncReceiptIfNeededAndRegister, but you will need to either call syncPurchases or restoreTransactions from Purchases for CompatibilityAccessManager to work as expected.

🚨 Important: Your app will break in production if you don't register versions correctly! You have been warned.

CompatibilityAccessManager requires the build versions of your app to be registered, not the versions that are displayed in the App Store. In other words, you must provide the CFBundleVersion values, not CFBundleVersionShortString. You can find these values for historical versions of your app in Xcode Organizer.

Register Entitlements

For example, if your paid app was version 1.0 (Build 50) and your subscription update is 1.1 (Build 75), register your entitlement like the following:

// Purchases.configure(....)

CompatibilityAccessManager.shared.syncReceiptIfNeededAndRegister(entitlements: [
    .init(entitlement: "premium_access", compatibleVersions: ["50"])

If you don't want a receipt to sync on launch, or you are handling receipt syncing on your own side, you'll still need to register compatible versions. Instead of calling syncReceiptIfNeededAndRegister, simply register an entitlement to a set of app build versions that should be granted access to your entitlement.

    .init(entitlement: "premium_access", compatibleVersions: ["50"])

Using original purchase date

If you would like users who purchased before a certain date to have access to an entitlement, set a specific date where any purchase before then should have access. Use this method in conjunction with compatible build versions. There are edge cases where a user may purchase after your 'go-live' date, but then not have proper access due to App Store propagation times.

let subscriptionVersionLaunchDate = // The date your subscription version will go live

    .init(entitlement: "premium_access", compatibleVersions: ["50"], orPurchasedBeforeDate: subscriptionVersionLaunchDate)

Checking Entitlement Access

⚠️ As CompatibilityAccessManager is now your source of truth for entitlement access, you should no longer check entitlements from the normal Purchases SDK. You should only be checking entitlement access via CompatibilityAccessManager. You have a few options for checking if entitlements are active.

If you want CompatibilityAccessManager to asynchronously fetch CustomerInfo and check if your entitlement is active between RevenueCat or your registered entitlements, call entitlementIsActiveWithCompatibility on the shared CompatibilityAccessManager. This is safe to call as often as you need, as it relies on the Purchases SDK caching mechanisms for fetching CustomerInfo:

CompatibilityAccessManager.shared.entitlementIsActiveWithCompatibility(entitlement: "premium_access") { (isActive, customerInfo) in


Or, you can check synchronously from an instance of CustomerInfo:

customerInfo.entitlementIsActiveWithCompatibility(entitlement: "premium_access")


In sandbox mode, the originalApplicationVersion is always '1.0'. To test different versions and how they behave, set the sandboxVersionOverride property to simulate a version number while only in sandbox mode:

🚨 Do not ship your app in production with this property set to anything other than nil (the default value).

CompatibilityAccessManager.shared.sandboxVersionOverride = "50"

Package Formatting

Although RevenueCat makes subscription logic simple, displaying the length and terms of a subscription package is not trivial when considering introductory offers, as well as recurring attributes that must be shown on your paywall.

Package Title

PurchasesHelper adds new properties to RevenueCat's Package objects.

var title = myPackage.displayTitle
// displayTitle = '1 Month'

title = myPackage.displayTitleRecurring
// title = 'Monthly'

Package Terms

PurchasesHelper adds a new method to RevenueCat's Package objects that builds a string to display subscription terms to a customer.

let terms = myPackage.packageTerms()
// terms = '3 day free trial, then $24.99/year'

Set isRecurring to false to format your terms as non-recurring, like:

let terms = myPackage.packageTerms(isRecurring: false)
// terms = '3 day free trial, then $24.99 for 1 year'

Set includesIntroTerms to false to exclude any introductory prices from the returned string, for when a user has already redeemed an introductory price:

let terms = myPackage.packageTerms(includesIntroTerms: false)
// terms = '$24.99/year'

Package Sorting

Easily sort an array of Package objects.

After fetching offerings, sort the availablePackages property or any array of Package objects with the new sorted(by:) method.

let packages = offering.availablePackages.sorted(by: .timeAscending)
// packages = [1 month, 3 month, 6 month]

let packages = offering.availablePackages.sorted(by: .timeDescending)
// packages = [6 month, 3 month, 1 month]

The available sorting options are:

Sorts by shortest duration -> longest duration

Sorts by longest duration -> shortest duration

Sorts by packages that have an introductory price (e.g. free trial) first. Requires iOS 11.2 minimum.


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What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/codykerns/PurchasesHelper/compare/v1.0.0...v1.0.1

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