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Workbench is a tiny Mac menubar app that:

  • Syncs your dotfiles (to your iCloud)
  • Updates brew and notifies you about outdated packages

Clean Installing With Workbench

  1. Install Workbench before you clean install
  2. Sync all files you care about
  3. Clean re-install macOS
  4. Sign in to iCloud
  5. Install Workbench and sync your files


Why is this not in the App Store?

Because we cannot sandbox the app since we need access to your whole home directory (if we're wrong let us know!)

Why is the app not sandboxed?

Because there is no sandbox mode for accessing your whole home directory (if we're wrong let us know!)

Why should I like this app?

  • It's not an enormous Javascript app that uses up all your resources and takes thirty seconds to load.
  • It backs up your dotfiles to a private (encrypted Apple claim) iCloud database, rather than having you store them publically on GitHub (holy cow man, I hope you weren't doing that)
  • It's nicely made. You like nice things right?

Building Workbench

You probably want to use our binary releases.

brew install carthage
carthage bootstrap --cache-builds --platform macOS


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