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cocoatoucher/StyledMarkdown 0.0.2
Generate SwiftUI Text or AttributedString from markdown strings with custom style names.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/cocoatoucher/StyledMarkdown.git", from: "0.0.2")


iOS 15.0 / macOS 12.0 / tvOS 15.0 / watchOS 8.0

StyledMarkdown is a mini library that lets you define custom styles in code and use them in your localized markdown strings. Specify fonts and any other attributes for your markdown style. You can create SwiftUI Text views or just AttributedStrings for UIKit with those styled markdown strings.

With StyledMarkdown, you do not have to define a custom AttributedStringKey each time you want a custom style in your markdown.


glide devices

Sample usage

let normalStyle = Style { style in
	style.font = .subheadline
	style.foregroundColor = .red

let boldStyle = Style { style in
	style.font = Font.italic(.system(size: 20))()
	style.foregroundColor = .blue

let myStyleGroup = StyleGroup(
	base: normalStyle,
		"bold": boldStyle

	"Hey ^[buddy](https://raw.github.com/cocoatoucher/StyledMarkdown/main/style: 'bold')",
	styleGroup: myStyleGroup

// or

	localized: "Hey ^[buddy](https://raw.github.com/cocoatoucher/StyledMarkdown/main/style: 'bold')",
	styleGroup: myStyleGroup

The idea of StyleGroup and named Styles comes directly from SwiftRichString library by Daniele Margutti on GitHub. Some of the code from there is also used in this package.

Supported modifiers










Custom styles

let rainbowStyleGroup = StyleGroup(
	styleCustom: { source in
		var attrString = source
		for run in attrString.runs {
			let currentRange = run.range
			var index = currentRange.lowerBound
			let rainbow: [Color] = [
			var colorCounter: Int = 0
			while index < currentRange.upperBound {
				let nextIndex = attrString.characters.index(index, offsetBy: 1)
				attrString[index ..< nextIndex].foregroundColor = rainbow[colorCounter]
				colorCounter += 1
				if colorCounter >= rainbow.count {
					colorCounter = 0
				index = nextIndex
		return attrString

	styleGroup: rainbowStyleGroup

// or

	localized: "Rainbow",
	styleGroup: rainbowStyleGroup

Parts of the above code for rainbow styling is taken from WWDC'21 sample app project called Caffe, Copyright © 2021 Apple Inc.

🔗 Links

You can add links inside your strings using the custom link AttributedStringKey: ^[styled link](https://raw.github.com/cocoatoucher/StyledMarkdown/main/link: {url: 'http://www.example.com', style: 'linkStyle'})

iOS Automatic grammar agreement

Automatic grammar agreement's inflect property works with StyledMarkdown styles.

^[2 salad](https://raw.github.com/cocoatoucher/StyledMarkdown/main/style: 'italic', inflect: true)

generates 2 salads with italic style.

🎆 Images (not supported)

It is currently not supported to include Image elements within AttributedString.


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Release Notes

1 week ago

Adding support for custom styling through the base style in a style group.

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