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cobaltspeech/sdk-diatheke v2.1.3
SDK for Diatheke, Cobalt's Dialog Engine
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.package(url: "https://github.com/cobaltspeech/sdk-diatheke.git", from: "v2.1.3")

SDK for Diatheke (Cobalt's Dialog Management Engine)

This repository contains the SDK for Cobalt's Diathele Dialog Management Engine.

This README has instructions to build the SDK. For installing and using the SDK, see the SDK Docs.

Network API (using GRPC)

The grpc folder at the top level of this repository contains code for Diatheke's GRPC API. The grpc/diatheke.proto file is the authoritative service definition of the API and is used for auto generating SDK code in multiple languages.

Auto-generated code and documentation

The grpc folder contains auto-generated code in several languages. In order to generate the code again, you should run make. Generated code is checked in, and you must make sure it is up to date when you push commits to this repository.

Code generation has the following dependencies:

  • The protobuf compiler itself (protoc)
  • The protobuf documentation generation plugin (protoc-gen-doc)
  • The golang plugins (protoc-gen-go and protoc-gen-grpc-gateway)
  • The python plugins (grpcio-tools and googleapis-common-protos)
  • The swift plugins (protoc-gen-swift and protoc-gen-grpc-swift)
  • The static website generator (hugo)

A few system dependencies are required:

  • Go >= 1.14
  • git
  • python3
  • virtualenv
  • unzip
  • wget
  • swift >= 5.0.1

The top level Makefile can set up all other dependencies.

Documentation is authored in the docs-src folder. Final documentation website is auto-generated and hosted by Cobalt, so there is no need to commit generated docs.

To generate the code and documentation, run make. This is currently only supported under linux.

If you are doing local development on the docs, you can use this command to serve it locally:

cd docs-src
../deps/bin/hugo server -D

Tagging New Versions

This repository has several components, and they need more than just a "vX.Y.Z" tag on the git repo. We need to follow a few careful steps to release new versions:

Step 1: Make sure all generated code is up to date.

pushd grpc && make && popd
git diff --quiet || echo "You have uncommitted changes.  Please get them merged in via a PR before updating versions."

Step 2: Update the version number.

In addition to the git tags, we also save the version string in a few places in our sources. These strings should all be updated and a new commit created. The git tags should then be placed on that commit once merged to master.

Decide which version you'd like to tag. For this README, let's say the next version to tag is 1.0.1.

Step 3: Add version tags to the sources.


git checkout master
git checkout -b version-update-v$NEW_VERSION

sed -i 's|DiathekeSDKVersion = "[0-9.]*"|DiathekeSDKVersion = "'$NEW_VERSION'"|g' grpc/swift-diatheke/Diatheke.swift
sed -i 's|.upToNextMajor(from: "[0-9.]*")|.upToNextMajor(from: "'$NEW_VERSION'")|g' docs-src/content/including-sdk/_index.md

git commit -m "Update version to v$NEW_VERSION"
git push origin version-update-v$NEW_VERSION

Step 4: Create a pull request and get changes merged to master.

Step 5: Create version tags on the latest master branch:

git checkout master
git pull origin master
git tag -a v$NEW_VERSION -m ''
git tag -a grpc/go-diatheke/v$NEW_VERSION -m ''
git push origin --tags


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Release Notes

Diatheke SDK v2.1.3
11 weeks ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/cobaltspeech/sdk-diatheke/compare/v2.1.2...v2.1.3

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