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Cuneiform documents for Swift. Build Status


This package is a Swift implementation of the Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus ("Oracc") schemas for encoding cuneiform texts. In particular, it seeks to provide:

  • Easy to use Swift types to work with signs, words, texts and glossaries
  • Codable types compatible with Oracc JSON open data
  • Catalogue types compatible with Oracc-defined datasets
  • Methods to provide plain-text, HTML, or NSAttributedString output for cuneiform, transliteration and normalisation


Documentation is available here


Oracc XML standards are available on the Oracc website although many of them are inaccessible at the moment, so they can alternatively be found directly in the Oracc Github repository.

Oracc JSON specifications are available on the Oracc website. This package implements:

  • catalogue.json: type "catalogue"
  • JSON for individual text editions: type "cdl"
  • glossary-XXX.json: type "glossary"


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