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christophhagen/Clairvoyant 0.3.0
A monitoring framework for Vapor servers
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.package(url: "https://github.com/christophhagen/Clairvoyant.git", from: "0.3.0")


Clairvoyant is a framework to provide monitoring data for Swift servers, targeted at Vapor. It enables the specification of different metrics to publish over a web API, where it can be collected by monitoring instances.

This repository is in early development

Here are the initial requirements:

  • Allow publishing of individual metrics
  • Allow different data types: Int, Bool, Double, Enum, and complex objects
  • Use efficient binary encoding
  • Specify read and write access for each property
  • Protect information through access control
  • Allow logging of changed values to disk
  • Allow access to current value and optionally all past values
  • Collect metrics from different sources: Variables, log files, online requests, etc.
  • Provide information about the retrievable parameters


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Release Notes

New metrics
3 days ago

Includes most features.

This release is intended to be used for a prototype implementation in some services.

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