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christopherweems/unstandard v0.2.5
A general purpose add-on to the Swift Standard Library & Foundation
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🕓 1 year ago
.package(url: "https://github.com/christopherweems/unstandard.git", from: "v0.2.5")


The unstandard library has what the standard library (& Foundation) craves.


unstandard is full of hacks that can break your code after an SDK update.

Not hacks as in "sneaky tricks that are going to bankrupt you & punish your users", but hacks as in, showing little respect to rules of convention such as using non-namespaced methods extending types not owned by this library.

If it's of any assurance to you I use this library in every project I write. I am a regular day-one user of SDK beta software, so namespace collisions should be fixed quickly.

The code is MIT-licensed, so feel free to use it as you see fit.

Pull requests are appreciated!


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Last commit: 2 weeks ago
jonrohan Something's broken? Yell at me @ptrpavlik. Praise and feedback (and money) is also welcome.

Release Notes

unstandard 0.4.3
1 year ago

Fix String.split(separator:maxSplits:omittingEmptySubsequences:) for maxSplits != Int.max

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