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checkout/frames-ios 4.3.0
Frames iOS: making native card payments simple
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.package(url: "https://github.com/checkout/frames-ios.git", from: "4.3.0")


Frames iOS

CocoaPods Compatible GitHub release (latest by date) Platform license


  • iOS 12.0+
  • Xcode 12.4+
  • Swift 5.3+



Frames for iOS tokenises consumer data for use within Checkout.com's payment infrastructure. We abstract away the complexity of taking payments, building payment UIs, and handling sensitive data.

  • Demo projects: We've created projects showcasing the range of functionality available in our SDKs while testing each distribution method offered

  • Integration: a guide for consuming our SDK in your iOS app

  • Get started: Start testing what you can achieve by presenting inside your Applications UI

  • Make it your own: Customising the UI to become a part of your app

  • Other features: How we help with Apple Pay & 3D Secure Challenges

  • Make a hosted security code payment: Make a compliant saved card payment with hosted security code tokenisation

  • Migrating: If you have used 3.5.x version (or lower) before

  • License

More integration information can be found in the Checkout Docs.

You can find the Frames API reference on our Jazzy docs.

Demo projects

Our sample application showcases our prebuilt UIs and how our SDK works. You can run this locally once you clone the repository (whether directly via git or with suggested integration methods).

Our demo apps also test the supported integration methods (SPM, Cocoapods), so if you're having any problems there, they should offer a working example. You will find them in the root of the repository, inside respective folders:

  • iOS Example Frame (Using Cocoapods distribution)
  • iOS Example Frame SPM (SPM distribution)

Once running, you will find the home screen with a number of design options. We have tried to make contrasting payment UIs to give you an idea of what can be achieved. We've also tried to write the code in the simplest way to track and understand how each UI flavour was created. Just start from HomeViewController.swift and follow the button actions in code (@IBAction) for some examples on how we achieve those UIs.  


Find our CHANGELOG.md here.


Find our guide to start contributing here.


Frames iOS is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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Release Notes

3 weeks ago
  • Added a security code component for CVV tokenisation.

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