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charlieMonroe/XUCore ui_1.1.5
Core library used in Charlie Monroe Software projects.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/charlieMonroe/XUCore.git", from: "ui_1.1.5")


This is a core framework that we're using in our apps. It extends existing types by adding convenience methods, but also introduces a lot of classes that allow you to add certain functionality to your app with a single line of code.

If you decide to use this in your own project, some acknowledgement is required.


As simple as @import XUCore; in Objective-C or import XUCore in Swift.

Most classes now have proper documentation, so feel free to go through it. More and more features start being Swift-only, so using this framework from ObjC isn't a good idea.


All Objective-C code that is currently present in the framework is deprecated for use in Swift with the exception of:

  • additions - there are two types of additions that are still in ObjC - one set extends classes that are not really used in Swift (NSArray, NSDictionary and NSString), or they use CommonCrypto, which still isn't available as a module to be easily imported and I haven't had time to get it working in Swift yet.
  • XURegex - it leverages on C++ code, which cannot be used from Swift.
  • XUExceptionHandler - obviously needs to be written in ObjC, since there is no way to catch ObjC exceptions in Swift.


The framework contains several groups with certain functionality.


Various additional functionality on various classes (ObjC categories or Swift extensions). A few notable examples:

  • ArrayExtensions - extending SequenceType, Array, etc.
  • DictionaryExtensions - very convenient methods mostly for dealing with JSON dictionaries.
  • NSDecimalNumberAdditions - Swift-ified version of NSDecimalNumber.
  • NSLockAdditions - perform a locked block while catching exceptions and unlocking the lock when the exception is thrown to prevent dead-lock.
  • NSMutableURLRequestAdditions - various methods for setting header values.
  • NSURLExtensions - extension for various resource values.
  • NSXMLAdditions - convenience methods for getting values on Xpaths.
  • StringExtensions - extending String with many various improvements.


You can mark menu items with tag 127 and automatically hide them. Also, includes an in-app purchases manager which can take simplify the StoreKit interaction.


  • XUAbstract - a @noreturn function that can be used for creating abstract methods.
  • XUApplicationSetup - class that reads the Info.plist file and provides information from it. You can subclass it to include your own setup.
  • XUAppScopeBookmarksManager - saves app-scope NSURL bookmarks.
  • XUBlockThreading - easier API for executing blocks.
  • XUExceptionHandler - class that allows you to catch and deal with ObjC exceptions in Swift code.
  • XUPowerAssertion - Swift wrapper around the IOKit power assertion API.
  • XUPreferences - convenience functions for reading and writing to NSUserDefaults.
  • XUString - plain C-style string in Swift. Access characters directly, etc. Mostly useful for various transformations.
  • XUSubclassCollector - collect all subclasses of a certain class. Note that when there are subclasses with generics, this will return all possible combinations of the generics used in the app.


Mostly sync engine. Originally part as XUSyncEngine. Documentation for it can be found separately here.


Mainly XULog for logging functionality.


XUCore features a robust JSON deserializer that can be customized.

Exception Handling (OS X only)

If you setup exceptionHandlerReportURL on XUApplicationSetup, XUCore will automatically install an exception handler and send you crash reports using that URL.


Various localization methods.


  • XUMouseTracker - track mouse movement on the screen (OS X).
  • XURandomGenerator - generator of pseudo-random numbers.
  • XUTimeUtilities - methods for rounding time and converting it to strings.


  • XUCURLConnection - send HTTP requests via cURL instead of NSURLConnection.
  • XUDownloadCenter - an umbrella over all network needs for downloading JSON, XML and pure text over HTTP. Includes logging, support for cookies, etc.
  • XUMessageCenter - send messages from your server to the user of the app.
  • XUURLHandlingCenter (OS X) - handle URLs being opened by your app.


Powerful regex implementation based on re2 (C++). XURegex is an ObjC wrapper around re2 with various methods implemented on String. Unlike NSRegularExpression, it supports variables and much more.


Value transformers to be used in XIB files on OS X (binding).

Trial (OS X)

Have XUCore handle the trial for you and refer your user to AppStore when the trial expires.


  • XUAutocollapsingView - view that when hidden, automatically sets its height constraint to 0.0 and then restores it once it's set to be visible.
  • XUDockIconProgress - display progress on your app's Dock icon.


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